Organic Chemistry Student Set

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The Foundation basic molecular model set works for 1 semester GOB courses, chemistry majors or high school AP chemistry. Build o-chem stereoisomers to VSEPR theory for only $13.95. The set combines a wireframe style with small atom centers to make line drawings more intuitive as you study reaction mechanisms.

  • Standard colors: carbon (black); nitrogen (blue); oxygen (red); phosphorus (purple); etc.
  • Discrete atom centers: elements easy to spot & number for stereochemical hierarchy
  • Wireframe/framework: match Fischer projections in book to physical structures
  • Major functional groups: learn IUPAC naming conventions for organic compounds
  • Build amino acids, sugars, fatty acids, nucleic acids
  • 3 bond lengths to approximate atom radii scale

Customize this set with our 3D Molecular Model Builder for biochemistry or replenish for resale with our complete range of spare parts.

It does it all whether you are a chemistry major, engineer or biologist who needs 1 only chemistry credit. Build VSEPR theory models, alkanes, alkenes, aromatics, sugars, & more! For illustrated examples of the many molecules you can model with this set, click on the Related Images below. Or, use our free Indigo® Instruments 3D Molecular Model Builder to visualize any compound the way it appears in your text book.


Related information or images
  1. cyclohexane; 15 double thick bonds for chair-boat flips
  2. parts for any of the 20 amino acids, sugars, fats
  3. stereochemistry: chiral pairs, cis & trans
  4. 14 orbitals for VSEPR Theory, lone electron pairs;
  5. alcohols, thiols, amines, ketones, and more
  6. fully supported by our 3D Molecular Model Builder
  7. simple lattices such as diamond (not shown)
  8. compact ziploc bag fits pocket or purse (not shown)
  9. comes with basic instruction guide (not shown)
Reviews (5)
This model kit is great for improving knowledge of molecular structures for organic chemistry.
— Jan
I bought the product for a university class and it met expectations. Great service and fast shipping.
— Miri
— Indigo: Thank you for the review. Good luck this term.
Great product, fast shipping, excellent customer service!
— Courtney
Bought two of these because I prefer them to the one used at the university. Easy to use and has a good flexibility.
— Thierry

I've had consistently great service from this company. Our students seem to really appreciate the reasonable price. In the years that we've used this product, not one has been returned due to defects.

— Becki
— Indigo:

Considering how many of these we sell to schools every year, that is high praise indeed. Thanks letting us know.

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