Alcohol Functional Group Chemical Structure

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Alcohols are important organic compounds distinguished by the hydroxy functional group. This is noted in its structural formula, in ethanol for example, as C2H5OH compared to its molecular formula C2H6HO. The 68845NV Foundation student molecular model set includes six red 2 prong 110 degree oxygen atoms for depicting the OH hydroxyl. When combined with the set's 18 hydrogens & 16 sp3 carbons, you can build hundreds of alcohol structures to help learn IUPAC alcohol naming conventions as they relate to their parent alkanes.

You can use the set's red sp3 oxygens to build a water molecule to compare them to simple alcohols such as methanol & ethanol. Both have hydroxyl groups & that form hydrogen bonds between them. Alcohols are very soluble in water & hence denoted as hydrophilic.


The image shows methanol, ethanol, ethylene glycol, 1-propanol and 2 propanol. Water is shown in the middle for reference. The current contents of this set will allow you to build any one of these molecules.

Use the Indigo® Instruments 3D Molecular Model Builder (choose Orbit Basic Style to match this set) to see compare alcohols such as the commercially important glycerol (aka ethylene glycol or ethane-1,2-diol). Alcohols, like alkanes, aren't always linear and can be branched or ringed such as 2-chloro-3-methyl-3-hexanol & 2,2-dimethylcyclopentanol.

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This model kit is great for improving knowledge of molecular structures for organic chemistry.
— Jan
I bought the product for a university class and it met expectations. Great service and fast shipping.
— Miri
— Indigo: Thank you for the review. Good luck this term.
Great product, fast shipping, excellent customer service!
— Courtney
Bought two of these because I prefer them to the one used at the university. Easy to use and has a good flexibility.
— Thierry

I've had consistently great service from this company. Our students seem to really appreciate the reasonable price. In the years that we've used this product, not one has been returned due to defects.

— Becki
— Indigo:

Considering how many of these we sell to schools every year, that is high praise indeed. Thanks letting us know.

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