Compoundable Ferrite Powders

Fully sintered manganese/nickel ferrite powders absorb/reflect/filter for electromagnetic/radio wave spectrum interference (EMI/RF) from 0.1MHz to 25GHz.

Sintered/Compoundable Ferrite Powders

These fully sintered ferrite powders are advanced microwave materials that can absorb or reflect electromagnetic energy from <1MHz to >30GHz.

Formulations offer from low permeability insulation to highly permeable particles. They offer exceptional capacity for absorbing & redirecting unwanted radio frequency & microwave radiation.

Ferrite powders are fully compoundable with materials for spraying, molding, injection, filling, potting, thin film & 3D printing.

4 Standard Ferrite Powders

  • Wide Range, Lower Frequencies 0.1-1000MHz EMI Trap
  • Wide Range, Lower Frequencies 0.1-1000MHz EMI 3D Printer
  • Peak Absorption 2.45GHz for Microwave Ovens
  • Peak Absorption 19GHz for Cell RF
  • Customized versions available on special order.

Features of Compoundable Ferrite Powders

  • Capable of concentrating electromagnetic energy towards a target
  • Possibility of mixing with an extensive range of materials and compounds.
  • Complex shapes, endless geometry options, no restriction in sizes and or thicknesses
  • Light weight and weather resistant
  • Low dimensional tolerances
  • The powder compounds can be injected, pressed, molded, spread or sprayed in place in order to achieve their characteristic features
  • The finished part can be machined, diced, die cut or polished
  • High strength material
  • Wide surface coverage
  • Penetration into restricted spaces
  • Grain sizes from .002 to .02 inches (50 to 500 um)
  • High mechanical and chemical stability
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Wide Range EMI Trap Powder

Wide Range EMI Trap Powder

SKU: 49-EMI-T10
$44.25USD Each
3D Printer Compatible Powder

3D Printer Compatible Powder

SKU: 49-3DP-S10
$46.25USD Each
Microwave Powder, 19GHz Peak

Microwave Powder, 19GHz Peak

SKU: 49-DKS-196
$56.75USD Each
Microwave Powder, 2.45GHz Peak

Microwave Powder, 2.45GHz Peak

SKU: 49-PFX-245
$43.45USD Each
More Information

This 1mm thick plate is made of epoxy and 80% powder by weight. Depending on the powder & frequency of the EM radiation, attenuation of up to 14db is possible.

1mm Plate Epoxy and Powder