Sanitizer Dilution Calculator

Prepare accurate dilutions for chlorine, iodine, hydrogen peroxide, quats or peracetic acid sanitizer/disinfectant solutions.

1) Enter the concentration in % (per cent) for the starting solution.

2) Enter the desired ppm of the diluted solution.

3) Enter the final volume you need to prepare in ml or L.

4) Press Calculate to get the volume (ml) of concentrate you need. This value, in ml or L, will appear in the empty "Volume" box in (4). Mix this with the amount of water entered in (2).

Note: Chlorine bleach comes in different concentrations as do other sanitizers; be sure to check first.

Tip: If you want to calculate a different ppm, simply clear the box in (4), enter a new ppm in (2) & press Calculate. You don't have to press "Clear" which removes everything.

Note: Don't let the metric scare you. If you are unsure how to use it, call us when you get your order of test strips. Please have your order number handy.

Metric to American:

  • 5 ml = ~1 tsp
  • 15 ml = ~1 tbsp
  • 25ml = ~1 oz
  • 235ml = ~1 cup
  • 950ml = ~1 quart
  • 3800ml (3.8L) = ~1 gallon

Starting Solution (Undiluted Sanitizer):

1) Enter your starting solution concentration in percent (%) in the box below.

Desired ppm & of Diluted Solution:

2) Enter the desired ppm concentration in the box below.

Desired Final Volume of Diluted Solution:

3) Enter final volume of diluted solution in ml or L in the box below.

Example: If is the final volume is 1000ml & sanitizer needed from (4) is 100ml, use 900ml of water.

Required Amount of Undiluted Sanitizer to make Diluted Solution:

4) Press the Calculate button at bottom & amount of undiluted sanitizer to be mixed with water to make Volume (3) will appear in empty box below.

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