Point Group Molecular Symmetry

Point Group model sets for studying molecular symmetry in 3 different molecular model styles. 

Suitable for studying, teaching or tutoring at the undergraduate and graduate level.

These sets are presented to show examples of what can be done with 3 of our different molecular model styles. While many of the examples  are inorganic compounds they can also be built with our various student and class organic chemistry molecular model sets.

The least expensive but most complete is the Indigo® Point Group Molecular Model Set. We recommend this one especially for university departments for use in tutorials. You can also build most of the examples shown using our 3 organic chemistry sets. 68845NV Basic/Foundation, 68827W Advanced Ochem & 68847W Class Organic Chemistry. Spare parts are available if needed.

The Unit sets are great for class demonstration The set is minimalistic by choice. Since any Unit atom can have any geometry this allows us to ignore the standard color conventions. Each atom can stand in for a variety of elements which allows for quick alterations in a lecture setting. The full Unit Organic Chemistry Lecture set can be used for Point Group theory as well.

The third option is the Molymod style. The organic chemistry sets 62009, 62009EX, 62053 & 62053SP all come with atom geometries that can show a full range of molecular symmetries.

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Indigo Point Groups Orbit

Indigo Point Groups Orbit

SKU: 68821W
$39.95USD or lower Each
Indigo Point Groups Unit

Indigo Point Groups Unit

SKU: 69177
$123.95USD Each
Indigo Point Groups Molymod

Indigo Point Groups Molymod

SKU: 62350
$109.95USD Each