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Molecular Models

Molecular models for chemistry, biochemistry, solid state and more backed by knowledgable staff. We off the complete range of original high quality UK made parts to build any custom model or replenish any set.

Molecular models are arranged by manufacturer's style: Molymod, Orbit, Unit and Minit which differ by atom size & type of bonds. These styles are further divided into sets (e.g. organic chemistry), kits (e.g. diamond) and loose parts (atoms and bonds).

Indigo® models are also grouped into DNA, VSEPR Theory and Point Groups. There may be some overlap with the groupings listed above.

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Student Chemistry Model Sets

Our most popular sets for university, college, high school:

62053: Molymod best organic chemistry model set
62009: Molymod ball & stick organic/inorganic chemistry model set
68845NV: Orbit basic chemistry molecular model set;

DNA Molecular Models

Our most popular for teaching:

68795WS: 12 base pair DNA helix structure model
62122-17: 17 base pair DNA double helix model

Biochemistry/Molecular Biology

62115: Molymod 3 Glucose Monosaccharide Models
62124: Molymod Fatty Acid Models Kit

Crystal Lattice Models

62100: Molymod diamond molecular structure model
67788: Minit graphene semiconductor lattice structure

VSEPR Theory

69182: Unit Large Demonstration VSEPR Models
68823W: Orbit Advanced VSEPR Theory Models


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Molymod, Orbit, Minit & Unit Style Molecular Models from the UK, on-line by Indigo® Instruments since 1994. The Real Thing you get what you pay for!