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Taking organic chemistry or organic & inorganic chemistry? Our basic organic student set does both for $15.95 & includes molecular orbitals! It's backed by our 3D Molecular Model Builder. A computer program custom designed to Choose The Best Organic Chemistry Models For You.

Need to customize or revitalize any set or kit? We carry the full range of genuine high quality UK made Molymod Parts (Spiring), Orbit Parts (Cochranes). They are 100% compatible with all the models we've ever sold.

Teaching DNA forensics? Buy a basic miniDNA for only $69.95 Or, take it up a notch with hands-on experiments using our best teaching DNA model with 262144 possible unique sequences. Not enough? How about 18 quadrillion?

Need BIG plastic models for classroom demonstration? Chemistry students will appreciate our giant cyclohexane & 1000 atom diamond crystal structure model. Turn a basic fullerene model kit into chiral, zig-zag & armchair buckytubes or graphene sheets.

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Molecular Models by Brand, Size, Function

Molecular models are arranged by brand: Molymod, Orbit, Unit and Minit (compact skeletal models) which differ by atom style & size. Brands are further divided into sets, kits & parts.

Sets build a wide variety of chemical structures in general chemistry & organic chemistry, crystal lattices models (x-crystallography related} (, etc. Kits have a narrower range of atom geometries & are intended for specific structures such as ice, diamond, sodium chloride, amino acids or glucose. Parts include atoms, bonds & orbitals to extend or replenish any set or kit.

Our 3D molecular model builder can help build customize any organic student or teacher set with one or multiple additional models. Pharmacology researchers can use it in drug design to help visualize molecular mechanics. All for personal use. It can represent Researchers can or class

Indigo® models are further grouped by function into DNA, VSEPR Theory (molecular geometry) and Point Groups (molecular symmetry) with some overlap with the brand groupings. In addition, we offer Unit (big atoms), Minit (small atoms) & AtoMag (magnetic) organic molecule models.


Molecular models for all needs & all levels whether you are teaching or learning chemistry in class or on-line. Indigo molecular models are the perfect complement for learning basic concepts or advanced processes in combustion reaction mechanisms. This can range from simple chemical concepts such as bond angles (VSEPR theory) to molecular properties of different molecules. The American Chemical Society says building & manipulating physical models in three dimensions develops visual learning & spatial skills important to students' understanding of stereochemistry molecular structure.

Why fidget with wire frame models like Darling Models Molecular Visions? Chemical structures stand out with ball & stick models (skeletal) with distinctive variable chemical bond lengths for single, double & triple bonds. We've been offering models that cover budget needs from lower price up to high price to. Why buy poor Chinese made Molymod knockoffs like NOBBY organic chem or the Linktor chemistry molecular model kit to study the science of macromolecules? Especially when our regular price for quantity beats their sale price!

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for Molecular Models

An organic chemistry molecular model kit/set makes compounds important to understanding concepts such as chirality & stereochemistry. This uses mainly carbon, hydrogen, oxygen & a few nitrogen & halogen atoms. General chemistry models typically include fewer carbons & more metal atoms

For many people, physically building something can explain & help remember concepts better. This is especially true for stereochemistry where building & holding mirror image structures may be clearer than just looking at a page.

Plastic or metal molecular models can convey the same concepts but plastic models cost less. This makes it possible to stock spare parts for all our sets & kits. In addition, these parts are mapped in our 3D Molecular Model Builder to 50 million organic & bioorganic compounds in 2 major on-line databases.

Yes. Two of our model styles, Molymod & Orbit offer 2 different ways to show double & triple bonds. You can visualize structures that have double & triple bonds with our 3D Molecular Model Builder before deciding what set or kit sets your needs best.

All Indigo Instruments molecular models are made in the UK to the highest quality standards. This ensures every model set, kit or part bought today is fully compatible with every one ever made. In addition, all VSEPR & other less common atom geometries as well as bonds & orbitals are stocked in North America.

Molecular model kits sold on many websites offer "free" shipping. Nothing in life is free & this cost is factored into the sell price. It may appear cheaper for one model but costs more for schools or colleges that need many. You need to compare the cost delivered to your door, as well as resale value & technical support to find the true price.

Ask your teacher to list the most important compounds you will need to build. You can enter up to 10 of them into our free on-line 3D Molecular Model Builder which will list a variety of options. You should also consider resale value &, the ability to upgrade for other studies like biochemistry and technical support to find the true value.