Multi-unit Cell Crystal Lattices, Zeolites and Nanostructures

Genuine Cochranes of Oxford - 100% Compatible

Minit Molecular Models

Minit style molecular models for multi unit cell crystal lattices, zeolites & nanostructures. Buy Genuine Cochranes of Oxford for 100% Compatibility.

Minit molecular models are literally miniature versions of the Orbit style having 6mm vs 10mm atom centres. We stock the Minit parts used in crystal lattice, nanotechnology structures and silicates such as zeolites.

If you do have Minit organic chemistry sets that need these other parts, please contact us & we can get them.

Models of diamond, nanotubes and others built with 250-1000 atoms are visually striking. Minit scale can build multi-unit cell structures that can fit on shelves and desks.

In addition, the Minit style has several geometries of oxygen, including a 141 degree version that can be used in building some of the silicates, especially zeolites.