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Geology Magnifier Loupes

Need to see? The top row below has best bang for your buck whether gardening or doing field studies.

Have to identify/classify minerals, plants or insects? Metal doublets/triplets make the finest features stand out.

Want more magnification & a visual record? Phone Camera Loupe “Dissecting Microscope” turns 10X into 50X!

Buy just one or save on volume-discounts start at just two!

What Just One Customer Says About Us

Ordered 100 magnifying glasses for a marketing project. First I started on Amazon, but they only allowed me to order 10 at a time. That was a waste of my time and a complete pain.....Click to read the full review of: Laura Sudweeks 

Plastic Frame/Glass Geology Hand Lenses

Plastic cased magnifiers are the most economical and come with relatively large lenses (30mm/1.25") and are good for insect, plant or spider identification. The basic model has a 5X lens. Two other models come with 2 or 3 5X lenses that when lined up form compound lens of 10X & 15X respectively. There is also a 10X 50mm (2") if you prefer a larger lens. All models have glass lenses.

Metal Frame/Glass Geology Hand Lenses

Lens are a bit like prisms, they refract white light into its constituent colors. For many objects, this doesn't matter but for highly colored objects like minerals or even insects this can distort what you are seeing. Doublet & triplet lens loupes are cemented together to correct for this. Doublets for two colors & triplets for three.

If you are trying to decide whether you need a metal loupe or plastic one, check out our blog: What Magnifying Glass Do I Need for Biology?

What About Branding?

We can imprint any of these magnifier with your club, school or business logo. The best examples are on the 10X plastic loupe & 10X 17mm metal loupe. See our blog on Metallic Gold Logo Magnifiers & for ideas.

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Keychain Geology Loupe 5X 30mm

Keychain Geology Loupe 5X 30mm

SKU: 23201-3
$3.25USD or lower Each
10X 30mm Folding Magnifier

10X 30mm Folding Magnifier

SKU: 23202-3
$4.95USD or lower Each
5-10-15X Folding Magnifier

5-10-15X Folding Magnifier

SKU: 23203-3
$5.95USD or lower Each
50mm Lens-10X Large Loupe Magnifying Glass

50mm Lens-10X Large Loupe Magnifying Glass

SKU: 23201-5
$6.25USD or lower Each
10X 17mm Metal Hand Lens

10X 17mm Metal Hand Lens

SKU: 23220-10
$5.25USD or lower Each
Geology/Rockhound 10X Mineral Lens

Geology/Rockhound 10X Mineral Lens

SKU: 23223-10
$12.95USD or lower Each
Macular Degeneration Vision Aid Lenses

Macular Degeneration Vision Aid Lenses

SKU: 23204
$12.90USD or lower Each
10X Loupe Triplet Hand Lens

10X Loupe Triplet Hand Lens

SKU: 23231-10
$18.95USD or lower Each
Geologist Magnifying Glass 15X Loupe Triplet

Geologist Magnifying Glass 15X Loupe Triplet

SKU: 23231-15
$19.95USD or lower Each
Triplet Magnifying 20X Loupe

Triplet Magnifying 20X Loupe

SKU: 23231-20
$20.95USD or lower Each
30X Magnifying Glass Loupe Triplet

30X Magnifying Glass Loupe Triplet

SKU: 23231-30
$21.95USD or lower Each
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What A Few More Customers Says About Us

Philip Salter:
Ordered several loupes for...campers ages 8-12...Indigo was incredibly supportive of us... Quality of lenses plus quality of support definitely earns five stars.

Jeanne Paquette:
Indigo Instruments has been a reliable source of affordable hand lenses for beginners in our earth sciences courses at McGill University... Indigo Instruments offers us the best quality:price ratio...

Christine Mason: So happy to have stumbled upon this company while looking for magnifying glasses to gift to my kindergarten students as an end of year gift. Ordering was super easy and delivery was quick too. …

John Ford: I ordered two kinds of loupes for studying plants and fungi and some magnifying glasses for my children, they are all well made, well priced and were easy to order online and then pick up at the store. The service was prompt and courteous too. Highly recommend.

Betsey Hall My small business has ordered linen/pic counters for over ten years from Indigo. Each experience was very positive. ...I have appreciated the very professional personnel at Indigo.


Standard colors are shown below & can be imprinted on any loupe in up to 5 colors. These colors are INCLUDED in the cost of screen printing.

Pantone shades are available on request with a small surcharge. See the indiviual magnifiers for print costs in respective Related Products.

Stock Colors with Pantone Comparison