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Chemistry Glassware-Laboratory Glass

Lab quality borosilicate ("Pyrex") glass test tubes, beakers, flasks, graduated cylinders. Suitable for science, kitchenware, packaging, promotion. Buy just 1 or save up to 50% off by the case. Wide range of sizes of test tubes, from very small to very large. See these examples of use in Plant Propagation.

Need some novel science based product promotional items or kitchenware? Have a look our custom imprinted glass beakers.

Chemistry Science Lab Glassware

Just about everyone is familiar with test tubes, beakers, flasks & graduated cylinders. Long a staple of chemistry laboratory experiments, these heat resistant items are finding their way in the mainstream of daily use. Their utility for mixing, measuring, heating & storing liquids, is proving useful for presentation & display, promotion & packaging.   

The properties that make borosilicate glass the material of choice for chemistry experiments makes it equally compelling outside the lab. 

  1. It resists chemical attack from almost all materials except hydrofluoric & phosphoric acids & concentrated alkaline solutions of sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide.
  2. It is relatively resistant to thermal shock caused by rapid cooling or heating but precautions such as protective eyeware, gloves & aprons should be work when working under these conditions.

We carry the most types of laboratory glassware for displaying, heating, mixing, pouring or storing.


More Information

Environmentally Sustainable Packaging

Why choose glass for packaging or storage? Glass is actually one of the only mainstream packaging materials that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has recognized as truly safe. Besides being safer, it also has environmental benefits.

Glass is the most stable packaging material available. It is inert and impermeable with no risk of harmful chemicals getting into or reacting with your products of food products. Unlike plastic, there is no risk of potentially toxic chemical additives leaching out & into your food.

Recycling has its costs and glass is a more sustainable alternative to plastic packaging and more environmentally friendly. Glass is dishwasher safe & can be reused over and over with little diminishing of quality. Glass tubes and beakers are a fantastic way to package & repackage your products.

Promotional Glassware

Our scientific glassware is designed for use in the lab environment. Beakers, flasks & graduated cylinders have graduation markings for measuring. Test tubes are completely unmarked and like (except 13x100mm) our Erlenmeyer and Florence (boiling) flasks have thick tooled rims for safe stoppering.

These traits make our lab glass even more popular as kitchen & barware with beakers especially popular as promotional giveaways for tradeshows & even frosh freebies.

Here are just some of the ideas we've covered in our blogs over the years:



What is Borosilicate Glass & Is It Safe?

Borosilicate glass, commonly referred to as "pyrex" is used in all quality lab glassware. It's resistant to thermal shock and food safe because it is completely LEAD FREE! See the tables below for physical & chemical characteristics.

Borosilicate Glass 3.3 Properties - Physical Data
Physical Performance Numerical Value Unit
Coefficient of mean linear expansion (20°C;300°C) 3.3 ± 0.1 10-6K1
Transformation Temperature 525 ± 15 °C
Softeninq Point 820 ± 10 °C
Working Point 1260 ±20 °C
Density at 20°C 2.23 ± 0.02 g/cm3
Mean Thermal Conductivity (20°C-100°C) 1.2 w/rn2k
Refractive Index 0.92 1


Chemical Composition
SiO2 B2O3 Na2O+K2O Al2O2
81% 13% 4% 2%



No Glassware Returns

If you are unsure of what glassware you need please contact us before ordering.

Glassware cannot be returned for any reason; this is for your safety and ours. It would be prohibitively expensive to test for bacteriological, chemical or radiological agents since there is no way to tell if glass has been contaminated just by looking at it. We would have to throw it away even if you claim to never have opened the package.

However, if the item is broken, clearly defective in some way such as severely bubbled or chipped, send us an image & we will refund you.