Chemistry Glassware-Laboratory Glass

Lab Quality Borosilicate ("Pyrex") Glassware - Test Tubes, Beakers, Flasks, Graduated Cylinders

Chemistry Glassware-Laboratory Glass

Lab quality test tubes, beakers, flasks, graduated cylinders. Lab quality borosilicate ("Pyrex") glassware; food and dishwasher safe.

We carry most types of laboratory glassware for displaying, heating, mixing, pouring or storing.

More Information

Beakers, flasks & graduated cylinders have graduation markings while all test tubes are unprinted. Test tubes & flasks have thick tooled rims for safe stoppering.  Dimensions listed under item Specifications are external dimensions  e.g. an 18mm test tube is 18mm (+/-) OD.

Most Popular Sizes

250 ml beakers
250 ml erlenmeyer flasks (250ml flask+cork stopper bundle)
100 ml graduated cylinders
25x150mm test tubes (25x150mm tube+cork stopper bundle)


What is Borosilicate Glass & Is It Safe?

Borosilicate glass, commonly referred to as "pyrex" is used in all quality lab glassware. It's resistant to thermal shock and food safe because it is completely LEAD FREE! See the tables below for physical & chemical characteristics.

Borosilicate Glass Characteristics


No Glassware Returns

If you are unsure of what glassware you need please contact us before ordering.

Glassware cannot be returned for any reason; this is for your safety and ours. It would be prohibitively expensive to test for bacteriological, chemical or radiological agents since there is no way to tell if glass has been contaminated just by looking at it. We would have to throw it away even if you claim to never have opened the package.

However, if the item is broken, clearly defective in some way such as severely bubbled or chipped, send us an image & we will refund you.