Hydrogen Peroxide

Indigo™ hydrogen peroxide test strips for water treatment, greenhouses, organic farming, hot tubes & more. Made in USA with 3 year guaranteed shelf life & backed by Stability Documents, Certificates of Analysis & SDS. Discounts start at just 2! Buy Indigo™ hydrogen peroxide test strips, the brand you can trust for accuracy & technical support.

Indigo™ Hydrogen Peroxide Test Strips

Documentation for healthcare quality assurance certification includes Certificates of Analysis, Stability Statements and Safety Data Sheets (SDS). All strips meet or exceed a minimum 3 year guaranteed shelf life. You can rest assured your public health inspection reports are accurate and complete.

Hydrogen peroxide has microbiolcidal activity against bacteria, yeasts, fungi, viruses, and spores. It shows bactericidal effectiveness against a variety of health-care–associated pathogens with high cellular catalase activity (e.g., S. aureus, S. marcescens, and Proteus mirabilis). A 30–60 minutes of exposure to 0.6% (6000ppm) hydrogen peroxide will reduce cell counts. In organisms with lower catalase activity (e.g. E. coli, Streptococcus sp. & Pseudomonas sp.), only 15 minutes exposure was required. Antiviral activity of hydrogen peroxide showed inactivation of three serotypes of rhinovirus using a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution within 6–8 minutes. Lower concentrations such as 1.5% (15000ppm) took 18-20 minutes and 0.75% (7500ppm) took 50–60 minutes.

Indigo™ Instruments offers hydrogen peroxide test strips in 4 ranges to confirm you have diluted the concentrate correctly down to as low as 1ppm (0.0001%) or to as high as 10% (100,000ppm). Our free Hydrogen Peroxide Dilution Calculator can help dilute accurately.

Expiration dates of 3 years are guaranteed but a 5 year shelf life on all our hydrogen peroxide test strips is typical. Buy 1 bottle or save on quantity-discounts start at just 2!  Our H2O2 test strips are US made & come with Stability and Conformance Certificates!

Hydrogen peroxide bubbles distinctively when disinfecting cuts & scrapes and bleaches hair to produce the proverbial bottled blonde. Tasteless & odorless, it quickly decomposes into just water & oxygen. This environmental friendliness has made it popular for use in industries as diverse as water treatment, mushroom growing, organic farming & float tanks.

Hydrogen peroxide is readily available in drugstores in small quantities as a 3% solution or in jugs at higher concentrations, 30-35%, commonly referred to as food grade.


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Low Level Peroxide, 100ppm

Low Level Peroxide, 100ppm

SKU: 33815-P100
$15.95USD or lower Each
Hot Tub & Spa 400ppm Peroxide

Hot Tub & Spa 400ppm Peroxide

SKU: 33815-P400
$16.95USD or lower Each
High Level Peroxide, 10000ppm

High Level Peroxide, 10000ppm

SKU: 33815-P10K
$21.95USD or lower Each
1-10%, Food Grade Peroxide

1-10%, Food Grade Peroxide

SKU: 33815-P10pc
$26.95USD or lower Each
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If you live in southern Ontario, you can buy food grade hydrogen peroxide at Superfast Solutions.

Interesting fact: Hydrogen peroxide, among other things, ensures that bacteria won't spoil honey. Edible honey has been found in ancient Egyptian tombs.


How to Test Hydrogen Peroxide Concentration?

Hydrogen peroxide sold in brown or opaque bottles is protected from rapid sunlight degradation but all H2O2 breaks down eventually. The 10% strips are best for retail grade (3%) & food grade (30-35%).

More common applications such as float tanks or hot tubs have much lower concentrations so choose the right hydrogen peroxide test strip to confirm you have it been diluted correctly.

Our 4 ranges of Indigo™ hydrogen peroxide test strips are:

All come with:
  • easy to read color charts
  • white backing for good contrast comparison
  • stiff plastic; good for dipping into tubes
  • Stability Documents, Certificates of Conformance, SDS
Indigo™ 100, 400 & 10000 ppm hydrogen peroxide test strips give results in 30 seconds & are accurate within 10%. Get quick, reliable answers to ensure protection against harmful germs.

The 10% hydrogen peroxide strip uses a timed reaction which corresponds to the different concentrations.

Use our hydrogen peroxide dilution calculator to take the guesswork out making sanitizer/disinfectant solutions for any volume.