Hydrogen Peroxide

Buy Indigo™ hydrogen peroxide & peracetic acid strips for water testing & food. Our 5000ppm strip helps turn 3% pharmacy grade H2O2 into a COVID-19 killer.

Four ranges for hydrogen peroxide and two for peracetic acid; get the test strip that works for you.

Try our hydrogen peroxide ppm calculator & take out the guesswork out of dilution.

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Low Level Peroxide, 100ppm

Low Level Peroxide, 100ppm

SKU: 33815-P100
$16.95USD or lower Each
Hot Tub & Spa 400ppm Peroxide

Hot Tub & Spa 400ppm Peroxide

SKU: 33815-P400
$16.95USD or lower Each
High Level Peroxide, 5000ppm

High Level Peroxide, 5000ppm

SKU: 33815-P5K
$21.95USD or lower Each
1-10%, Food Grade Peroxide

1-10%, Food Grade Peroxide

SKU: 33815-P10pc
$26.95USD or lower Each
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If you live in southern Ontario, you can buy food grade hydrogen peroxide at Superfast Solutions.


Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide test strips come in 4 ranges: 0-100ppm for residual levels in drinking water; 0-400ppm in spas & hot tubs; 0-5000ppm for disinfection levels & 1-10% (10,000-100,000ppm) for concentrated peroxides including food grade.

Hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidizing (bleaching) agent & can require significant dilution from concentrate to be used safely. Our 4 ranges of hydrogen peroxide test strips are:

  • 0 to 100ppm for low level (residual) testing
  • 0 to 400ppm for pools and hot tubs
  • 0-5000ppm for high level disinfection
  • 10,000-100,000ppm [1-10%] contact lenses, food grade H2O2
  • easy to read color chart
  • white backing for good contrast comparison
  • stiff plastic; good for dipping into tubes

Peracetic Acid

Peracetic acid has many industrial uses but it is also a preferred sanitizing agent in some segments of the food industry including organic produce and poultry.

It is relatively unaffected by water hardness which means it can be diluted with regular tap water and has a better germicidal response than chlorine bleach (sodium hypochlorite). It is highly effective against Gram negative bacteria and moderately effective against Gram positive bacteria.

We offer both a "high-level" 0-500ppm range for testing sanitizer strength and a "low-level" 0-50ppm for testing residual levels.

Note: All test strips Made in USA & are Q/A'd against NIST standards.


Use our hydrogen peroxide dilution calculator to take the quesswork out of making up sanitizer solutions for spas, pools, hot tubs & sprays.

Simply enter:

  1. Strength of your peroxide (%).
  2. Strength you want after dilution (ppm)
  3. How much you need to prepare.
  4. Press "Calculate"

It will tell you how much undiluted peroxide to mix with water.