Hydrogen Peroxide

Buy Indigo™ hydrogen peroxide test strips for water treatment, hot tubs, food grade dilutions.

Indigo™ Hydrogen Peroxide Test Strips

Typical 5 year shelf life on all our hydrogen peroxide test strips. Low prices on just 1 bottle but quantity pricing starts at just 2, Buy and save on our USA made H2O2 test strips!

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Low Level Peroxide, 100ppm

Low Level Peroxide, 100ppm

SKU: 33815-P100
$16.95USD or lower Each
Hot Tub & Spa 400ppm Peroxide

Hot Tub & Spa 400ppm Peroxide

SKU: 33815-P400
$16.95USD or lower Each
High Level Peroxide, 10000ppm

High Level Peroxide, 10000ppm

SKU: 33815-P10K
$21.95USD or lower Each
1-10%, Food Grade Peroxide

1-10%, Food Grade Peroxide

SKU: 33815-P10pc
$26.95USD or lower Each
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If you live in southern Ontario, you can buy food grade hydrogen peroxide at Superfast Solutions.

Interesting fact: Hydrogen peroxide, among other things, ensure that bacteria won't spoil honey. Edible honey has been found in ancient Egyptian tombs.


Hydrogen Peroxide Concentration

Household peroxide is sold in brown bottles in drugstores and supermarkets. It contains 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. Hair bleach is about 6 to 10% hydrogen peroxide. "Food grade" hydrogen peroxide is 35%.

The most common concentration of hydrogen peroxide used around the home is 3%. It is sold in pharmacies & other retail outlets in brown bottles to protect it from rapid degradation caused by sunlight. It is typically used as is for a wound disinfectant, hair bleaching or diluted further for general sanitizing. Food grade, at 35%, is more concentrated and used to maintain the cleanliness of larger volumes of water such as hot tubs and pools. On a larger scale it is also used in water treatment.

These applications have different concentration requirements & test strips are used to confirm that the hydrogen peroxide is has been diluted correctly.

Our 4 ranges of Indigo™ hydrogen peroxide test strips are:

All come with:
  • easy to read color charts
  • white backing for good contrast comparison
  • stiff plastic; good for dipping into tubes


Use our hydrogen peroxide dilution calculator to take the quess work out of making up sanitizer solutions for spas, pools, hot tubs & sprays.

Simply enter:
  1. Strength of your peroxide (%).
  2. Strength you want after dilution (ppm)
  3. How much you need to prepare.
  4. Press "Calculate"
It will tell you how much undiluted peroxide to mix with water.

How to Test Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide measurements are easy. Simply dip the indicator pad at the end of the strip into the water you want to test and compare to the color chart after 30 seconds. Results are accurate to within 10% and are a quick, reliable way to ensure you are protected against harmful germs.

Note: This applies only to the 100, 400 & 5000ppm strips. The 10% hydrogen peroxide strip uses a timed reaction which corresponds to the different concentrations.

Use our hydrogen peroxide dilution calculator to take the quesswork out of ensuring 100, 200 or 400 ppm hydrogen peroxide levels.