Chlorine/Iodine Test Strips

Indigo™ brand chlorine test strips for your sanitizing needs. Chlorine bleach is cheap & versatile-buy 200ppm strips for kitchens, 2000ppm for daycare/assisted living or 10000ppm for healthcare/hospitals. See the full range below.

Indigo™ Chlorine Test Strips

5 year shelf is typical so buy quantity and save. Volume discounts start at just 2!

  1. 0-200ppm: Total chlorine for restaurant rinses.
  2. 0-300ppm. Available chlorine for food preparation.
  3. 0-1000ppm. Available chlorine for preschool, cruise ships.
  4. 0-2000ppm. Available chlorine for daycare, assisted living.
  5. 0-10,000ppmAvailable chlorine for healthcare/hospitals.
  6. 0-10ppm. Available chlorine for residual levels.

Note: All test strips Made in USA & Q/A'd against NIST standards.
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1000ppm Free Chlorine

1000ppm Free Chlorine

SKU: 33815-1000
$14.95USD or lower Each
2000ppm Free Chlorine

2000ppm Free Chlorine

SKU: 33815-2000
$14.95USD or lower Each
10000ppm Free Chlorine

10000ppm Free Chlorine

SKU: 33815-10K
$21.95USD or lower Each
200ppm Total Chlorine

200ppm Total Chlorine

SKU: 33815-200
$2.55USD or lower Each
300ppm Free Chlorine

300ppm Free Chlorine

SKU: 33815-300
$8.95USD or lower Each
0-10ppm Residual Chlorine

0-10ppm Residual Chlorine

SKU: 33815-10
$21.95USD or lower Each
500ppm Chlorine Dioxide

500ppm Chlorine Dioxide

SKU: 33808-500
$24.95USD or lower Each
50ppm Iodine Test Papers

50ppm Iodine Test Papers

SKU: 33815-I
$2.95USD or lower Each
More Information

Sodium hypochlorite is the most commonly sold form of chlorine disinfectant. Chlorine and bleach are used interchangeably but dissolved chlorine comes in different forms. The type used for disinfection and in your laundry is sodium hypochlorite. The term bleach originally referred to the chemical reaction that remove stains or color from fabric.

Daycare/Preschool/Childcare Cleaning/Disinfection Checklist

Are you involved in keeping a daycare, preschool or childcare facility clean and safe? Try our handy checklist for areas to cover and tips on how to ensure you are doing it properly by testing with our test strips. Having trouble figuring out dilutions properly? We have dilution calculator to make it a lot simpler. A more detailed version in PDF format is ready for print or download.

Daycare Preschool ChildcareDisinfection Checklist -Test Strips


 Click here for more information about chlorine disinfectant.


How to Use Chlorine Test Strips?

Instructions for chlorine strip use is the same regardless of concentration range.
  1. Remove test strip from vial.
  2. If paper, dip any end in bleach solution
  3. If plastic, dip pad end in bleach solution
  4. Remove and compare immediately to color chart

Chlorine ppm Dilution Calculator

1 tbsp=15ml
1 cup=235ml (or round up to 250ml)
1 quart=950ml ((or round up to 1000ml
1 Gallon=3800ml (or round up to 4000ml

To make 1 gallon of 200ppm chlorine bleach solution, enter these in the Dilution Calculator.
  1. 5.25% for the concentration (step 1).
  2. Then 200ppm for step (2).
  3. Then 3800ml for step (3)
  4. Press Calculate.
Result: Amount of chlorine bleach you need to mix with water.