Biology Test Strips

Bad Mouth Taste? Could Be Genetic

Supertaster Strips Can Tell.

Biology Experiments

Choose from 6 Indigo® test strips for your biology lab experiment testing needs for taste, vitamin C & glucose osmosis. All come with 100 test strips/vial and a minimum guaranteed 3 year shelf life. Full documentation provided on-line including Certificates of Analysis & Stability & SDS Statements; Certificates of Conformance available on request. Optional next day delivery in any quantity of most items.

Buy Indigo® test strips, the brand you can trust for accuracy & technical support. Call us on our toll free line for immediate assistance or e-mail us with your questions. 1 hour response is typical during business hours, M-F, slightly longer on weekends.

Indigo® Biology Testing Strips

Biology test strips are used primarily in the school lab environment but also at home and industry. Taste test strips are best know for use in biology genetics labs and glucose osmosis strips in physiology labs. Vitamin C test strips have a broader application in food & juice testing & for understanding oxidation/anti-oxidants.