Privacy Notice

Indigo Instruments collects order data that customers enter online at for the purpose of submitting quotes and/or web based orders for the purchase of goods we sell to ship around the world.  Our website uses cookies to allow you to use our site properly - by using our website you are consenting to having cookies saved on your system.

This data can include personal contact name, business/organization name, billing and shipping addresses, contact email, phone numbers (including landline, cell and fax).

Other data temporarily collected and stored includes credit card numbers, expiry date and cvd2/cvc2 codes for the explicit purposes of cardholder verification to be compliant for Merchant and Customer Fraud prevention and for the processing of payment for web orders.

This data is collected to allow Indigo Instruments to process (charge payment digitally), assign paperwork (full credit card data is not displayed on paperwork), feed address data to shipping applications for common carriers, archive Invoices (for history of business transactions) and lastly to send the customer the shipping notification via email providing shipping tracking information.

Once an order has shipped, the sending of email of shipping notification triggers an order status change that purges card data except for the cardholders name, expiry date and final 4 digits of card. These are retained in case the original purchaser has queries on the order payment at a later date and in case Merchant processing history needs to be reviewed at a future date.

No physical card processing slip or imprint is generated by Indigo Instruments. We process credit card payments digitally via the secure Gateway of our Merchant Processor.

Email addresses have been historically used to contact customers for Review requests on their customer experience with our products and service.  They are also used to advise customers (that purchase certain categories of products) through a mailing list of changes to product lines (new product announcements, better ways to use the product they have purchased, etc.).  Finally, the web domain of Indigo Instruments changed early in 2018, and email addresses collected were used to broadcast the change of contact information to customers, allowing them to easily find us for their future repeat purchases.

Other uses for email addresses we collect include, but are not limited to: answering customer technical support inquiries, inform of processing errors with their order, advising of delays in shipment, discuss special order items, etc.

We do not sell, rent, lend, trade or compromise any customer information we collect.