Orbit Molecular Models

Economical and Versatile

Orbit Molecular Models

Orbit molecular models from Cochranes of Oxford can build alkanes to zeolites. Customize any student set or build a custom model of one of 50 million (not all tested) organic compounds in the NIH database with our free 3D Molecular Model Builder.

Affordable student organic chemistry sets start at $15.95, but economy & versatility are everywhere. Model kits range from buckytubes to semiconductors, VSEPR theory to DNA. This our most diverse line of models.

As with our molecular model products, Orbit sets & kits are backed by a full range of replacement parts, in stock, ready for immediate delivery.  

Student Chemistry Model Sets

Chemistry students who need an economical kit for one or two years can get all they need for organic/inorganic chemistry with our 2 Orbit style student sets.

The basic Orbit organic chemistry molecular model set (68845NV) has everything general & organic chemistry & even VSEPR theory.  If you need to make more and bigger structures such as long chain alkanes, polymers or fatty acids, the Advanced organic chemistry model set is a bargain that comes with over 200 atoms and bonds.

Our 3D Model Builder can pick the best set for you or build custom models. Try it now, it's Free!

More Information

Orbit Bond Types

Basic Bonds

Orbit Bonds20mm bonds for H (not shown); 30mm for C-C, C-O; 35mm for C-P, white for double/triple.

Orbit Foundation Basic Sets:

  • Ideal for GOB Chemistry.
  • Builds organic, inorganic & biomolecules.
  • Builds all essential functional groups
  • 16 sp3 carbons, 18 hydrogens & more.
  • Shows basic VSEPR theory.
  • Can show important reaction mechanisms.

Flexible Bonds

Wobbly Bonds
20mm bonds for H (not shown), 30mm for C-C, C-O, 35mm for C-P, double/triple bonds

Orbit Flexible ("Wobbly") Bond Sets:

  • Advanced: 24 sp3 carbons, 36 hydrogens 
  • Class 200 sp3 carbons, 200 hydrogens 
  • 4 lengths of clear bonds, reusable.
  • Full range of VSEPR theory models.
  • Builds structures for reaction mechanisms.

"X-Peg" + Bonds

X-Peg Bonds
X-peg inserts used with trigonal carbon, divalent oxygen, etc. to build flat structures.

Orbit X-peg ("Wobbly)" Bond Sets:

  • Biochem set: 200 sp3+25 sp2 carbons
  • Special inserts for double-triple bonds
  • Builds flat rings for DNA model.
  • Build Structures for TCA & other cycles.