Orbit Molecular Building System

Orbit Models are Economical and Versatile

Orbit Molecular Models

Orbit molecular models are economical and versatile. Our complete spare parts list can augment any set/kit or build custom structures.

Student Chemistry Model Sets

Chemistry students who need an economical kit for one or two years can get all they need for organic/inorganic chemistry with our 2 Orbit style student sets.

The basic Orbit organic chemistry molecular model set (68845NV) has everything general & organic chemistry & even VSEPR theory.. If you need to make more and bigger structures such as long chain alkanes, polymers or fatty acids, the Advanced organic chemistry model set is a bargain that comes with over 200 atoms and bonds.

Our 3D Model Builder can pick the best set for you or build custom models. Try it now, it's Free!

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Orbit Bond Types

Basic Bonds

Orbit Bonds
20mm grey bonds for hydrogen; 30mm for C-C, C-O, etc.  35mm thick grey for cyclohexane chair-boat, larger atomic radii.

Orbit Foundation Basic Sets:

  • Foundation (Basic) set is ideal for 1 or 2 courses.
  • Builds important organic & some biomolecules.
  • Bonds can wear out but lots are provided.
  • Thick 35mm bonds for cyclohexane chair-boat flips.
  • Lone pair electron "paddles" for VSEPR theory.

Flexible Bonds

20mm bonds hydrogen, 30mm for C-C, C-O, etc. 35mm for C-C double & triple bonds or larger atomic radii such as P.

Orbit Flexible ("Wobbly") Bond Sets:

  • Advanced Set builds many more structures than Basic.
  • Class Set builds many more structures than Advanced. 
  • 4 lengths of bonds for better scale representation.
  • "Wobbly" bonds are clear vinyl, indefinite number of uses.
  • Thick 35mm bonds for cyclohexane chair-boat flips.
  • Lone pair electron "paddles" for VSEPR theory.
  • All Orbit Lattice Structure kits use these bonds.

"X-Peg" + Bonds

X-peg inserts used with hole in trigonal carbon and divalent oxygen atoms, etc. to allow for a flattened ring.

Orbit X-peg ("Wobbly)" Bond Sets: