Orbit 30mm Wobbly Bonds

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The 30mm bond is used ubiquitously in our Orbit molecular models for carbon-carbon, carbon-oxygen & others to represent single covalent bonds. Examples include alkanes, alcohols, amines, estersethers, & thiols.

When you use our 3D molecular model builder to view a chemical structure, it will show the best bonds to represent the scale of the compound.


 You can use these Genuine Cochranes of Oxford Orbit Molecular Model Parts to replace missing pieces or augment any of the Orbit Molecular Model Sets & Molecular Model Kits supplied by Indigo Instruments.

In Kits
68601WEasterene-Buckyegg Molecular Model, Orbit Style140
68615WOrbit Nanoshell Model Kit, 120 atoms56
68616WOrbit MW carbon nanotube kit, 780 atoms + 1140 20mm bonds20
68702WMolybdenum Sulfide (MoS2) Molecular Model Kit126
68762WAlGaAs Model Kit, 144 Atoms, 240 Bonds, Orbit210
68763WRutile Molecular Model Kit, 74 atoms, 120 bonds120
68764WWurtzite Molecular Model Kit 151 atoms/255 bonds, Indigo255
68766WSilicon Carbide Molecular Model, 144 atoms/240 bonds, Indigo240
68771WNickel Arsenide Molecular Model Kit, 160 atoms, Indigo288
68781GGGlowing Borg Cube 5-4-5, Orbit Scale260
68784WZeolite Y (Faujasite) Molecular Model, 244 atoms/434 bonds430
68785WBuckyball (C60) Molecular Model Kit, 60 atoms, Indigo90
68786WCarbon Nanotube Model Kit, 176 atoms/264 bonds, Indigo264
68789WZinc Blende 136 atom/226 bonds, Indigo220
68790WPerovskite Molecular Model Kit, 89 atoms, 140 bonds, Indigo108
68791WSodium Chloride Model (NaCl), Indigo300
68794WZeolite Linde A/ZK4 Model, 192 atoms, 346 bonds, Indigo346
68799WSugar Structures Molecular Model Kit, Indigo250
68811WIndigo Fatty Acid Structures Molecular Model Kit150
68812WIndigo Water Soluble Vitamins Kit (8 Models)110
68813WIndigo Fat Soluble Vitamins Kit (4 Models)98
68821WIndigo Point Group Molecular Model Set52
68827WOrbit Organic Chemistry Advanced Molecular Model Set60
68847WOrbit Organic Chemistry Class Molecular Model Set250
68848WOrbit Class Crystal Lattices Molecular Model Set200
68849WOrbit Biochemistry Class Molecular Model Set250
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