Borg Cube Glow in the Dark

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Star Trek's Borg made their first appearance in the Next Generation, the followup to the original series. The term is derived from CYBernetic ORGanism. For those not in the know, the Borg are comprised of various humanoid species involuntarily conscripted & subsumed into a vast collective where every individual is in continuous communication. The evolutionary advantage of such an arrangement cannot be overstated. This novel contribution to science fiction makes every conquering human culture in history look like space cadets by comparison.

The Indigo® Borg Cube Molecular Model is meant to represent a tactical Borg vessel. While all Borg vessels are represented as being self-repairing, our model uses our unique GlowBonds™ to accentuate its extensive hull armor. We took a little bit of liberty in this design & modelled it after our various zeolite structures . If you are a purist, you can build it in its perfect cube form, similar to sodium chloride (NaCl/table salt.

Indigo® GlowBonds™ are made with aircraft safety grade luminescent chemicals that glow for 4+ hours after activation by sunlight or bright artificial light. The model is a cube that measures ~350mm (13.5") across. For only $129.95 get a great gift for which Resistance is Futile!


Other glow in the dark models include DNA, luciferin & graphene.


Measures 36x36x36cm when built as shown. Uses aircraft grade phosphorescent dye for maximum of glow in the dark effect.

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