Orbit Molecular Model Sets

Orbit Molecular Model Sets

Versatile, Expandable, Affordable

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Orbit Molecular Model Sets

Looking for affordability & versatility in a molecular model set? Cochranes of Oxford Orbit style offers both with student organic sets starting at $15.95.

Advanced & class sets have 24 & 200 sp3 carbons respectively with the latter costing just $129.95. All sets come with lone electron pair paddles for VSEPR theory.

Versatility doesn't just apply to chemistry, there is even an Orbit Crystal Lattices Class Set. It comes with 600 atoms to build ice, diamond, graphite, sodium chloride & more. It even includes the unique 8 & 12 coordinate atoms to build metal based structures.

Buy any set listed below for immediate delivery. Each & every one is backed by our complete inventory of spare parts for with 100% guaranteed compatibility.

Not sure what to buy? Get some guidance with Description.

Pick The Best Molecular Model Set for You

Our Orbit molecular model sets are mapped to 2 large chemical databases via our 3D Molecular Model Builder. It uses a versatile modelling program called JMol that can display an interactive image of nearly 50 million chemical structures. This can help find the best set for you. Ready to give it a try?

Press More Information to start your test drive & buy the only organic/inorganic or biochemistry molecular model set you'll ever need. Psst, if you're stuck with a model set that baffles you, let our free Model Builder help get you your "A"!

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Organic Chemistry Student Set

Organic Chemistry Student Set

SKU: 68845NV
$13.95USD or lower Each
Organic Chemistry Student Set

Organic Chemistry Student Set

SKU: 68827W
$19.95USD or lower Each
Org/Inorg Chemistry Class Set

Org/Inorg Chemistry Class Set

SKU: 68847W
$104.95USD or lower Each
Crystal Lattices Class Set

Crystal Lattices Class Set

SKU: 68848W
$139.95USD Each
Biochemistry Class Set

Biochemistry Class Set

SKU: 68849W
$84.95USD or lower Each
Drew Addon

Drew Addon

SKU: 68845EVI
$7.10USD Each
More Information

Pick the Molecular Model Set That Suits Your Needs Best

Here are 3 lists (2 with organic compounds, 1 with inorganic compounds) you could encounter in your studies. Copy up to any 10 of these into the 3D Molecular Model Builder. Or, up to any 10 compounds your instructor suggests. Then follow the instructions. Type carefully, the wrong syntax will cause an error. The video below can guide you.


Organic Molecules 1-10
Acetic acid


Organic Molecules 11-20
Acetic acid


Inorganic Molecules 1-10
Perchloric Acid
Sulphuric Acid
Carbon Monoxide
Carbon Dioxide
Phosphoric Acid
Sodium Bicarbonate
Nitric Acid
Hydrochloric Acid
Hydrogen Cyanide


Inorganic Molecules 11-20
Water (H2O)
Sulfur Dioxide
Sulfur Trioxide
Nitrogen Trichloride (Trichloramine)
Phosphorus Pentachloride
Sulfur Hexafluoride


Carbonate ion
Nitrate ion
Phosphate ion
Sulfate ion
Sulfite ion


Orbit Bond Types

Basic Bonds

Orbit Bonds
20mm: hydrogen; 30mm: C-C, C-O; 35mm: P-O

Orbit Basic Set:

  • Ideal for GOB Chemistry
  • Builds organic, inorganic & biomolecules.
  • Builds all essential functional groups
  • 16 sp3 carbons, 18 hydrogens & more.
  • Shows basic VSEPR theory.
  • Can show important reaction mechanisms.

Flexible Bonds

Wobbly Bonds
20mm: hydrogen, 30mm: C-C, C-O. 

Orbit Flexible Bond Sets:

  • Advanced: 24 sp3 carbons, 36 hydrogens, etc.
  • Class: 200 sp3 carbons, 200 hydrogens, etc.
  • 4 lengths of clear bonds, extended lifetime
  • Full range of VSEPR theory models.
  • Builds structures for reaction mechanisms.

"X-Peg" + Bonds

X-Peg Bonds
X-pegs with trigonal atoms for flat rings.

Orbit X-peg Bond Set:

  • Biochemistry: 200 sp3+25 sp2 carbons
  • X-peg inserts for double or triple bonds
  • Builds flat rings for DNA model.
  • Build structures for TCA & other cycles.

Indigo® Wobbly™ bonds will last just about forever. However, the trade off is that they are very stiff on initial use & may be difficult to use for younger students. Try putting the bonds in your pocket or in the sun for a little while before using them, this should loosen them up enough.