Orbit Molecular Model Sets

Orbit molecular model sets for chemistry, biochemistry, crystal lattices.

Augment or replenish any set with our complete list of spare atoms & bonds.

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Organic Chemistry Student Set

Organic Chemistry Student Set

SKU: 68845NV
$13.95USD or lower Each
Organic Chemistry Student Set

Organic Chemistry Student Set

SKU: 68827W
$19.95USD or lower Each
Org/Inorg Chemistry Class Set

Org/Inorg Chemistry Class Set

SKU: 68847W
$99.95USD or lower Each
Crystal Lattices Class Set

Crystal Lattices Class Set

SKU: 68848W
$109.95USD Each
Biochemistry Class Set

Biochemistry Class Set

SKU: 68849W
$79.95USD or lower Each
Drew Addon

Drew Addon

SKU: 68845EVI
$7.10USD Each
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Orbit Bond Types

Basic Bonds

Orbit Bonds
20mm bonds for hydrogen; 30mm for C-C, C-O, etc.  35mm for P-O, cyclohexane, white flexible for double/triple.

Orbit Foundation Basic Sets:

  • Ideal for GOB Chemistry.
  • Builds organic, inorganic & biomolecules.
  • Builds all essential functional groups
  • 16 sp3 carbons, 18 hydrogens & more.
  • Shows basic VSEPR theory.
  • Can show important reaction mechanisms.

Flexible Bonds

Wobbly Bonds
20mm bonds hydrogen, 30mm for C-C, C-O, etc. 35mm for C-C double/triple bonds. larger atomic radii.

Orbit Flexible ("Wobbly") Bond Sets:

  • Advanced: 24 sp3 carbons, 36 hydrogens & more.
  • Class 200 sp3 carbons, 200 hydrogens & more. 
  • 4 lengths of clear bonds, indefinite number of uses.
  • Full range of VSEPR theory models.
  • Builds structures for reaction mechanisms.

"X-Peg" + Bonds

X-Peg Bonds
X-peg inserts used with hole in trigonal carbon and divalent oxygen atoms, etc. to allow for a flattened ring.

Orbit X-peg ("Wobbly)" Bond Sets:

  • Biochem set: 200 sp3+25 sp2 carbons
  • Special inserts for double-triple bonds
  • Builds flat rings for DNA model.
  • Build Structures for TCA & other cycles.
Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for Sets

All Indigo® Instruments organic chemistry molecular model sets can build both chair & boat conformations of cyclohexane. The most economical is our basic student set, 68845NV which can build many different cycloalkane chemical structures.