Org/Inorg Chemistry Class Set

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The class organic chemistry molecular model set has >700 atoms 400 carbon & hydrogen for building multiple models at the same time; all for only $99.95. See these examples of saccharides (sugars) & fatty acids that you can make with this set.

*Tray used in the image is NOT included.

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68186-20Wobbly bond, 20mm, each250
68186-30Wobbly bond, 30mm, each250
68186-35Wobbly bond, 35mm, each40
68186-50Wobbly bond, 50mm, each20
68216CAtom, Orbit, H "a", white, 1 prong200
68217CAtom, Orbit, N "a", blue, 1 prong10
68218CAtom, Orbit, O "a", red, 1 prong20
68219CAtom, Orbit, F "a", light green, 1 prong12
68220CAtom, Orbit, S "a", yellow, 1 prong2
68221CAtom, Orbit, Cl "a", green, 1 prong12
68224CAtom, Orbit, H "b", 180 degree, white20
68225CAtom, Orbit, C "b", 180 degree, black2
68228CAtom, Orbit, S "c", 100 degree, yellow8
68230CAtom, Orbit, O "d", 110 degree, red (Od)30
68241CAtom, Orbit, C "j", planar: 120-120-120, black2
68242CAtom, Orbit, N "j", planar: 120-120-120, blue2
68244CAtom, Orbit, C "k", tetrahedral, black200
68245CAtom, Orbit, N "k", tetrahedral, blue20
68246CAtom, Orbit, O "k", tetrahedral, red20
68247CAtom, Orbit, P "k", tetrahedral, purple10
68248CAtom, Orbit, S "k", tetrahedral, yellow10
68251CAtom, Orbit, metal, tetrahedral, grey10
68252CAtom, Orbit, C "l", octahedral, black2
68253CAtom, Orbit, N "l", octahedral, blue2
68255CAtom, Orbit, S "l", octahedral, yellow2
68257CAtom, Orbit, Cl "l" octahedral, green15
68258CAtom, Orbit "l", metal, octahedral, grey15
68259CAtom, Orbit, C "m", trigonal bipyramidal, black60
68260CAtom, Orbit, N "m", trigonal bipyramidal, blue10
68261CAtom, Orbit, O "m", trigonal bipyramidal, red10
68262CAtom, Orbit, P "m", trigonal bipyramidal, purple10
68416COrbital for showing lone electron pair, white, Orbit style10
68417COrbital for showing lone electron pair, black, Orbit style10
68533Orbit bonds, grey, 35mm, extra rigid, 15/bundle2
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