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VSEPR Theory Models

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VSEPR Theory Models

VSEPR theory models for teaching electron pair repulsion & shape of molecules.

From student sets to large lecture hall size. We stock spare parts to help you maintain or customize every model set we sell.

The VSEPR theory (valence shell electron pair repulsion theory) shape of molecules depicts Lewis electron dot structures as 3 dimensional arrangements of atoms. Further, VSEPR theory predicts the shape or geometry of most polyatomic molecules.

Both styles of Indigo® VSEPR theory molecular models are particularly versatile for illustrating this. They both include molecular orbitals to depict nonbinding electrons. The Orbit style allows accurate purine & pyrimidine ring structures to be built in our 12 base pair DNA model using carbon with 3 different bond angles and nitrogen with two.

The Unit style is even more versatile in being able to depict subtle orbital interactions that determine the many molecular shapes found in organic chemistry and biochemistry. Atoms positioned in the axial position can be combined with other atoms in the many available equatorial positions to depict virtually any hydrogen, ionic or covalent bonded molecules. (See Unit Style-More Information).


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Basic Student VSEPR Models

Basic Student VSEPR Models

SKU: 68820W
$5.95USD or lower Each
Advanced Student VSEPR Models

Advanced Student VSEPR Models

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Large Basic VSEPR Models

Large Basic VSEPR Models

SKU: 69180
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Large Class VSEPR Models

Large Class VSEPR Models

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Orbit VSEPR Theory Molecular Models

We have 2 versions of Orbit style VSEPR theory models. The basic set builds 6 molecular geometries. The advanced set makes 13 shapes including linear, square planar, square pyramidal, trigonal planar, trigonal pyramidal, trigonal bipyramidal, pentagonal bipyramidal.and comes with white & black paddles to represent lone electron pairs.

Unit VSEPR Theory Large Models

The Unit model set 69180 has 45mm diameter spheres. It comes with 6 molecules representative of 6 shapes. The 69180 has central atoms & when combined with the large black & white "paddles" any VSEPR geometry/configuration is possible.



Here's what one customer had to say in a Google Review about our Basic VSEPR Theory Molecular Model set:

Bought 20 pieces of basic VSEPR Theory Model set...perfect for distribution in class for students to play around with...Very well made and durable. Should last me for years...Read the full review at Maverick Puah.


VSEPR Theory Bond Angles Chart

Use this chart in conjunction with Lewis diagrams to build the various molecular models that display the standard VSEPR geometries. This detailed infographic is provided by Andy Brunning. Visit his site Compound Chem to download a higher resolution version of this other & other high quality chemistry charts.

VSEPR Theory Chart