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Lab Supplies: Insect Pins, Prisms, Stoppers & More 

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This section lists the miscellaneous lab supply items that don't fit our major product groups. Most if not all have quantity discounts for 10 or more; see click their respective images to see details.

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4 size glass prism bundle.
10 size black enamel insect pin bundle
10 size stainless steel insect pin bundle
plastic petri dishes

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Sewing Pins for Silk & Fine Fabric

Silk and other fine fabrics are not self repairing so pinning them can be a challenge. You've probably searched for dressmaking or satin pins but did you know that some insect pins are even finer? The 000, 00 & 0 are actually thinner than acupuncture needles & are a must for every sewist. At the other end of the scale are heavy duty #6 & 7 pins suitable for heavy fabrics.