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Organic Chemistry Student Sets

Need an organic chemistry molecular model set to understand stereochemistry, chemical structure & more? Ours start at $15.95. All are UK Made Genuine Spiring Enterprises (Molymod) & Cochranes of Oxford (Orbit) that will last your entire degree & beyond.

Indigo® Molecular Models are backed by a full range of original Molymod Spare Parts & Cochranes of Oxford Spare Parts. Holds Resale value (Don't believe us? Jump to Technical).

All our student sets are listed right below for you to buy with immediate delivery. Not sure what to buy? Start with Description to find the best set for your needs.

Choose The Best Organic Chemistry Models for You

Our Molymod & Cochranes of Oxford chemistry molecular model sets are mapped to large chemical databases via our 3D Molecular Model Builder. It uses a versatile modelling program called JMol that displays an interactive image of nearly 50 million chemical structures. This can help find the best set for you. Ready to give it a try?

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Organic Chemistry Student Set

Organic Chemistry Student Set

SKU: 62053
$29.95USD or lower Each
Organic Chemistry Student Set

Organic Chemistry Student Set

SKU: 68845NV
$13.95USD or lower Each
Organic & Bio Chemistry Student Set

Organic & Bio Chemistry Student Set

SKU: 62053Sp
$38.95USD or lower Each
Organic Chemistry Student Set

Organic Chemistry Student Set

SKU: 68827W
$19.95USD or lower Each
In/Organic Chemistry Model Set

In/Organic Chemistry Model Set

SKU: 62009
$25.95USD or lower Each
In/Organic Chemistry Models Ext.

In/Organic Chemistry Models Ext.

SKU: 62009Ex
$29.95USD or lower Each
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Pick the Molecular Model Set That Suits Your Needs Best

Here are 4 lists (3 with organic compounds, 1 with inorganic compounds) you could encounter in your studies. Copy up to any 10 of these into the 3D Molecular Model Builder. Or, up to any 10 compounds your instructor suggests. Then follow the instructions. Type carefully though, the wrong syntax will cause an error. View the video below the lists if you need some help.


Organic Molecules 1-10
Acetic acid


Organic Molecules 11-20
Acetic acid


Organic Molecules 21-30
Linoleic Acid
Alpha-Linolenic Acid


Top Inorganic Molecules 1-10
Perchloric acid
Sulphuric acid
Carbon monoxide
Carbon dioxide
Phosphoric acid
Sodium bicarbonate
Nitric acid
Hydrochloric acid
Hydrogen cyanide


1)The model builder has been modified very slightly since this video was made. There is now an Option 0 which is for parts only. This is useful for a single custom molecular model or a parts only custom model set/kit.

2) Options 1 & higher list various ways our student sets can be customized. If you use the maximum 10 compounds allowed & they are big molecules, be patient. There will be lots of options.

3) The model builder uses our listed base prices for everything. If any of the line items returns more than 10 pieces, quantity discounts won't be reflected until you add them to the shopping cart & view totals there.

4) If you want to buy multiple copies you have to multiply each of the line items in a given option by the same factor. Final pricing will not appear until you add them to the shopping cart. You can do the multiplier in the cart as well.

Introductory Chemistry Molecular Models for Remote Learning, outlines the features of our two most popular student sets.

Magnetic Molecular Models: Functional Groups, shows how magnets can make teaching & learning important functional groups fast & easy but this is mainly of interest to instructors.


Indigo® Quality Actually Costs Less

Consider this, Molymod Molecular Models have over 10 types of atoms with more than 30 holes for bond attachment. There are 4 types of bonds & 3 types of orbitals with a combined 11 ends that have to fit the holes precisely. This can be achieved only with the highest quality plastics, plastic molds & skilled machine operators.

If you want your set to retain its resale value past graduation, buy Indigo® molecular models. As with anything, you get what you pay for.

The bonds used with our Cochranes of Oxford atoms are more forgiving & last longer too!