Organic Chemistry Student Set

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This genuine Molymod organic chemistry molecular model set is ideal for organic chemistry majors and biology premeds for just $21.95. We stock only Genuine Molymod spare parts should you ever want to upgrade this set for biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, point groups and more.

If teaching chemistry or studying biochemistry is in your future consider the Ultimate Organic Chemistry Model Set. It has extra carbons, oxygens and nitrogens needed to build amino, fatty & nucleic acids and sugars.

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Can't tell esters from ethers? Simply enter any one of millions of different organic or biological molecules & see how this set renders it & the atoms and bonds it uses. It will even list any extra parts that might be needed to build any of the almost 50 million known organic compounds.

The Indigo® Instruments 3D Molecular Model Builder

Build custom organic or bio-molecules models
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This chemistry model set is designed primarily for organic chemistry and to a lesser degree inorganic chemistry but is readily adapted to biochemistry and can be used by chemistry and biology students alike for a 4 year degree. For illustrated examples of the many molecules you can model with this set, click on the links below.

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Every Molymod molecular model set sold by Indigo Instruments is fully compatible with older ones you might own. You can also replenish an old set or customize it with Genuine quality Molymod parts.

Reviews (7)
Very easy to use and plenty of pieces, so you don't fall short when building compounds. It helps when visualizing the structure of elements and especially when producing constitutional isomers of compounds.
— Savanna
Just as described. Super fast shipping!!!
— SV
It is a solid product that is easy to work with. The pieces do not get too stuck together nor do they fall apart from each other. It is helpful to have in lecture, and I'd buy more from them if I needed to.
We ordered ten new sets and a bunch of spare bonds. Came very quickly (like next day!) Staff were super helpful when I called to order.
— KS
— Indigo: Glad we could help!
Model kit came exactly as expected, and it came fairly quickly. Would recomend for organic chemistry students.
— Kgreen
Really helpful for organic chemistry courses. A little bit hard at first and had some edges that I had to file.
— HH
— Indigo: The bonds are a tight fit initially but this ensures that the models still hold together well in 4 years! A little bit of dish soap is the simple fix.
Our school purchased a couple of class sets from Indigo. They were nice enough to look at our original order, and offer an alternative that gave us the same number of pieces but at a reduced cost. They also worked with us to modify the contents so that we could get more of a certain type of atom than was originally listed. Overall, a great experience.
— rguinn
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