4 Hole sp3 Black Tetrahedral Molymod Atom

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These tetrahedral sp3 carbon atoms are used in every Molymod molecular model sets & kits involving organic molecules. You can buy these atoms separately to build millions of custom models using our 3D Molecular Model Builder. Set the "style" as hybrid dome to see it depicted the same way as the model sets listed below.

Carbon is such a versatile element that almost 10 million (known) different carbon compounds exist 1. We include 14 of the sp3 carbons in our most popular Student Organic Chemistry Model Set & 20 in our Ultimate Student Organic Chemistry Model Set.

The uniqueness of carbon comes from the fact that it can bond to itself in many different ways; in straight chains, branched chains and rings. It can also bond singly, doubly and triply to itself. The chemical basis of all living organisms is linked to the way that carbon bonds with itself and other atoms 2.



1) Organic compounds.

2) Carbon chemistry.

Our 5x5mm Nd magnets are compatible with this atom & can be used to build our AtoMag™ magnetic molecular models or custom magnetic molecular models.

In Kits
62003Molymod organic chemistry teacher's molecular model set24
62004Molymod organic/Inorganic teacher's molecular model set14
62007Molymod biochemistry teacher's molecular model set42
62009Molymod organic/inorganic molecular model set-Jr. college6
62009ExMolymod organic/inorganic molecular model set-extended14
62010Molymod Biochemistry Student Set12
62050Organic Stereochemistry Models Teacher Set, Molymod30
62053Molymod Student Molecular Model Set14
62053SpMolecular Model Set 62053 + bio upgrade+p/pi orbitals20
62100Diamond Molecular Model Kit, 30 Atoms, Molymod30
62114Indigo Fatty Acids Molecular Model Kit, 173 Atoms, Molymod57
62115Indigo Glucose Molecular Model Kit18
6212020 Amino Acids Molecular Model Kit, Molymod Hybrid Style106
62121AIndigo Alpha Helix Molecular Model-Assembled40
62122-17Indigo DNA Model, 17 Base Pairs, Assembled, Heavy Base187
62122-17UIndigo 17 Base Pair DNA Model Kit, Metalware N/I187
62122-36Indigo 36 Base Pair DNA Model, Assembled, Heavy Base396
62122-36UIndigo 36 Base Pair DNA Model Kit, Metalware N/I396
62122-ATAT DNA Base Pair (w/o ribose phosphate)10
62122-GCGC DNA Base Pair (w/o ribose phosphate)9
62201ATetrahydrocannibinol (THC) Molecular Model, Assembled21
62202ACocaine Molecular Model, Assembled16
62203AHeroin Molecular Model, Assembled21
62204AMDMA (Ecstasy) Molecular Model, Assembled11
62206ACaffeine Molecular Model, Assembled8
62207ANicotine Molecular Model, Assembled10
62208ALSD Molecular Model, Assembled20
62209ACannabidiol (CBD) Chemical Structure Model, Assembled21
62210AMethamphetamine Molecular Model Kit, Assembled10
62211APTC-Phenylthiocarbamide Model, Assembled7
62212AColchicine molecular model kit, assembled, Molymod22
62350Indigo Point Group Molecular Symmetry Kit, Molymod Type37
62375Tablet Charging Stand Molecular Model14
62376Cell Phone Charging Stand Molecular Model14
62510ACholesterol Molecular Model Kit, Assembled27
62511ATestosterone Molecular Model Kit, Assembled19
62512AProgesterone Molecular Model Kit, Assembled21
63001AtoMag Cyclohexane Magnetic Model6
63002AtoMag Glucose Magnetic Models Kit6
63003AtoMag Chirality Magnetic Models Kit2
63010AtoMag Diamond Magnetic Model Kit14
Reviews (2)

Making ethanol models as gifts. Who knew ethanol looks like a dog? Also it's a great product, everything went together well.

— Joseph
— Indigo:

Better to hand out models of ethanol than "hair of the dog" hangover cures! Thanks for letting us know.


No way could I make a ball with four evenly-spaced (tetrahedral) branches, but Indigo had them for me at a reasonable price. I needed a bunch of them, too. They came in a matter of days and meet my needs perfectly for illustrating a carbon atom. I just wish they had given the holes dimension, so I would have known exactly how they would connect with other pieces ahead of time (which BTW, are 3/16 inch diameter).

— Don
— Indigo:

Actually, the holes are 5mm & you can press our 5x5mm Nd disc magnets into them. We were able to make some interesting magnetic models this way. What we think is the best cyclohexane chair-boat, chirality demonstration & so on. 

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