Organic Stereochemistry Molecular Models

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The Indigo 62050 stereochemistry molecular model set is a powerful hands on tool for understanding basics such as chirality, R- and S- nomenclature, E-Z isomerism & more.

Stereochemistry isomers or stereoisomerism all refer to molecules with the same molecular formula (atom content). This set includes a diverse range of stereogenic atom centers with standard IUPAC color coding to readily assign atomic numbers for substitution priority. It has enough parts to build multiple structures simultaneously. You can add substituent methyl, ethyl & other groups to compare structures with similar stereoisomerism & chirality.

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Use our 3D Molecular Model Builder to explore spatial isomerism. If you need fewer parts than come with this set, this tool can help Choose The Best Organic Chemistry Models for You by customizing students sets 62053 & 62053SP which are similar in style (Molymod hybrid). The boxes these sets come in have room for 6 & 40 more atoms respectively & may be a better & more economical choice as a teacher's or tutor's stereochemistry molecular model set.

Pick the 3D Molecular Model Builder's "Hybrid Dome" style to match the appearance of hundreds of thousands of organic or biological molecules in this & the 2 student sets.


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