Molymod 20mm Single Bonds

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The Molymod 20mm grey covalent link is the most common bond & is used in virtually every model. Buy the 20mm grey links to augment or replace those in any Molymod product.


Use only these genuine Molymod Atoms & Bonds for full compatibility with any of our Molymod Molecular Model Sets & Molymod Molecular Model Kits.

In Kits
62003Molymod organic chemistry teacher's molecular model set55
62004Molymod organic/Inorganic teacher's molecular model set38
62009Molymod organic/inorganic molecular model set-Jr. college26
62009ExMolymod organic/inorganic molecular model set-extended26
62013Molymod carbon nanotube model kit, 176 atoms/264 bonds264
62050Organic Stereochemistry Models Teacher Set, Molymod40
62053Molymod Student Molecular Model Set40
62053SpMolecular Model Set 62053 + bio upgrade+p/pi orbitals40
62100Diamond Molecular Model Kit, 30 Atoms, Molymod40
62101Graphite molecular model kit, Molymod51
62102Buckyball Molecular Model Kit, C60, Molymod90
62114Indigo Fatty Acids Molecular Model Kit, 173 Atoms, Molymod64
62115Indigo Glucose Molecular Model Kit36
6212020 Amino Acids Molecular Model Kit, Molymod Hybrid Style136
62122-ATAT DNA Base Pair (w/o ribose phosphate)17
62122-GCGC DNA Base Pair (w/o ribose phosphate)17
62124Sodium Chloride (NaCl) Molecular Model Kit, Molymod54
62125Zinc Blende Molecular Model Kit, Molymod66
62201ATetrahydrocannibinol (THC) Molecular Model, Assembled20
62202ACocaine Molecular Model, Assembled19
62203AHeroin Molecular Model, Assembled22
62204AMDMA (Ecstasy) Molecular Model, Assembled12
62206ACaffeine Molecular Model, Assembled11
62207ANicotine Molecular Model, Assembled10
62208ALSD Molecular Model, Assembled21
62209ACannabidiol (CBD) Chemical Structure Model, Assembled19
62210AMethamphetamine Molecular Model Kit, Assembled8
62211APTC-Phenylthiocarbamide Model, Assembled6
62212AColchicine molecular model kit, assembled, Molymod23
62350Indigo Point Group Molecular Symmetry Kit, Molymod Type142
62375Tablet Charging Stand Molecular Model32
62376Cell Phone Charging Stand Molecular Model3
62510ACholesterol Molecular Model Kit, Assembled30
62511ATestosterone Molecular Model Kit, Assembled22
62512AProgesterone Molecular Model Kit, Assembled29
62513AEstradiol Molecule Kit, Assembled20
Reviews (2)

product as described It is great to have a source of parts for molecular models without buying an entire kit with lots of parts that I don't need.

— 42wolves
— Indigo:

Supplying molecular model parts got us started on the WWW. We went live in Oct. of 1994 as with a complete offering of all the Molymod components for exactly the reason you mentioned..


The MolyMod products are great. They are high-quality and easy-to-use. I use the models to help my biology major students understand the structures of biological macromolecules. The hydrogen bonds (purple links) and atoms with extra holes are extremely useful for showing base paring between nucleotides. The customer service I have received from Indigo Instruments over the years has been outstanding.

— Robert, a community college instructor
— Indigo:

Thanks for letting us know. Most people buy the models for organic chemistry but they are also very useful for biomolecules. Try our free 3D Molecular Model Builder.We tweaked it a bit so it can build many insect pheromones or the powerful opiate alternative ziconotide derived from cone snails.

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