Graphite Mineral Structure Molecular Model

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This graphite molecular model kit builds a simple 4 layer structure with 120 atoms to illustrates this important carbon compound for only $38.95. Includes only genuine Molymod parts.


Graphite typically occurs as a hexagonal lattice structure but can also be found in a rhombohedral form. The 2 versions shown in the image include the ABAB hexagonal stacking and ABC arrangement found in the rhombohedral form.

Every Molymod molecular model kit sold by Indigo® Instruments is fully compatible with others you might own. If you ever lose a part you can replace it with our genuine Molymod Molecular Model Atoms & Bonds. See the entire range of Molymod Molecular Model Kits available from Indigo® Instruments.


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The graphite model was PERFECT -- the professors have already reported that seeing a "hands on" model of diamond vs. graphene has literally been an "ah-ha" moments for some students.

— Indigo:

Glad we could contribute to the learning breakthrough for the students.

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