Lab Filter Paper

Qualitive lab filter paper for filtering, chromatography or weighing.

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These qualitative lab filter papers, medium speed for filtering, paper chromatography, seed germination.

  • equivalent to Whatman #1 lab filter paper
  • pore size is 11 microns (11um)
  • use to extract various precipitates
  • suitable for paper chromatography separation experiments
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70mm Lab Filter Paper

70mm Lab Filter Paper

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125mm Lab Filter Paper

125mm Lab Filter Paper

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Qualitative filter paper is also suitable for doing paper chromatography. An example of this can be seen if you click on the adjacent Technical Tab.


Filter Paper-Ink Chromatography

If you cut filter paper into a rectangular shape you can use it to do paper chromatography. 

In the image below, left side, 8 different colored felt tipped pens were dabbed onto the filter paper equidistant from the bottom. The paper was then positioned in a small glass beaker & a small amount of 70% propanol (rubbing alcohol) was added to wet the paper halfway from the bottom to the ink dots.

The different pigments used in the different colored inks can clearly be seen in the right side of the image.

Ink & Pigment Chromatography