Plant, Insect, Rock Identification

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Magnifying Glasses

If you can't see it, you can't read, count or identify it. Buy a simple, economical & reliable solution to your problems: Geology Lenses: Identify minerals, plants or insects, Choose between metal doublets & triplets or economy plastic framed versions. All can be custom imprinted (see metal examples or plastic) with your company, personal or school logo.

Linen testers/printer's loupes.. Count threads, preview art & print work or promote your business. All can be screen printed-see metal or plastic examples. Metal ones can be laser etched.

Card Magnifiers: wallet/purse/pocket handy for menus & labels; promote your business in single or full-color.

Handheld Magnifiers: Logoed mini-magnifers or economical hand magnifiers.

Lots in stock; quantity discounts on everything! Here's a genuine, unedited review on Google that one of our customers had to say:

"Ordered 100 magnifying glasses for a marketing project. First I started on Amazon, but they only allowed me to order 10 at a time. That was a waste of my time and a complete pain. Some of the orders were cancelled because they couldn't guarantee stock was available. In desperation, I had to look for another source and this company sold the exact same item and brand for 45% less which really improves my profit margin and my client gets the same quality. Plus I was guaranteed the items would be available to meet my deadline. Products came quickly too. Life savers!"

What Size Lens?

Magnifiers are used mainly for reading things that weren't too small when you were young or seeing very small things you could never really see.

There is a trade off though. Higher magnification means smaller lens & smaller the field of view.. A stronger magnifier is ALWAYS used close to your eye AND what you are trying to see so a 30X may only enlarge a single letter on a page.

What Magnification Do I Need Then?

Not nearly as much as you might think. If you can just barely NOT read something, a simple 2-3X magnifier is all you need. Or, carry a credit card magnifier in your wallet/purse. Either will do for reading the fine print on prescriptions, menus, etc. We go into this in greater detail with our blog: What Magnifier Do I Need for Reading?

Really want to magnify something like 50X? Get a big boost when you use your cellphone with a 10X geology loupe!

More Information

Any magnifier with a flat surface can be imprinted. This includes folding geology magnifiers, linen testers (printers loupes), credit card, ruler & bookmark magnifiers. The image below shows the standard colors available at no extra charge. Pantone shades cost a bit more. 

There is also no separate set up charge. All you pay is the cost of the magnifier and the cost of printing. There are no other costs involved.

Stock Colors - Pantone Comparison