Magnifying Glasses for Reading, Field Studies or Custom Imprint for Brand Promotion


Magnifying glasses for reading, field studies or custom imprint for brand promotion.

What Size Lens?

The higher the magnification, the smaller the lens. A strong magnifier is ALWAYS used close to your eye AND object so a 30X may cover only a single letter on a page.

What Magnification Do I Need Then?

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Magnifiers are used mainly for reading things that weren't too small when you were young or seeing very small things you could never really see. Some of the ways you do this are:

Card Magnifiers: flat magnifiers for pocket, wallet or purse. Can be screen printed or labelled with full color decals.

Geology Lenses: Identify minerals, plants or insects. Metal and plastic versions can be screen printed with your logo.

Linen testers: can be screen printed. Metal ones can be laser etched; plastic ones can be labelled with full color decals.

Handheld Magnifiers: Minimagnifers can be labelled with full color decals. Hand magnifier lenses can be laser etched.

More Information

Any magnifier with a flat surface can be imprinted. This includes folding geology magnifiers, linen testers (printers loupes), credit card, ruler & bookmark magnifiers.

The image below shows the standard colors available at no charge. Pantone shades are available for a small extra cost.

There is also no separate set up charge. All you pay is the cost of the magnifier and the cost of printing. There are no other costs involved.

Stock Colors - Pantone Comparison