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Molymod Molecular Models

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Popular Chemistry Model Sets

Most popular organic: molymod organic chemistry molecular model set (62053).

Most popular organic-inorganic: ball & stick organic/inorganic chemistry model set (62009)

Most popular teacher organic set (62003).

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Molymod Model Styles

Hybrid Dome

Open Sphere

Closed Dome

Hybrid Dome

Open Sphere

Closed Dome

Student Sets: 62053; 62053SP

Teacher Set: 62050

Student Sets: 62009; 62009EX; 62010

Teacher Sets: 62003; 62004

Student Sets: 62053*, 62053SP*

Teacher Set: 62007


Molymod Hyrid Dome:

  • Builds all important organic structures & some biomolecules.
  • Hydrogens are hemispheres & use short 2mm bonds
  • 62053SP includes parts for biochemistry, VSEPR Theory & Molecular Hybridization
  • 62050 Set similar to 62053 but more parts; VSEPR accessories extra
  • All Organic Model Kits are configured in this style


Molymod Open Sphere:

  • 62009EX has more parts than 62009, especially carbons
  • 62009 & EX come with 6 lone pair paddles
  • 62010 has parts mainly for biochemistry


Molymod Closed Dome:

  • Style depicts spacefilling
  • No student set specific to this style but 62053 & 62053SP can be used
  • All covalent bonds are 2mm
  • Double & triple bonds are implied by atom geometry