Molymod Molecular Models

Buy Quality: It Costs Less in the Long Run!

Molymod Molecular Models

Buy Genuine, Made in the UK, Molymod Molecular Models. Why buy knockoffs when you can get the originals with full replacement parts support?

We carry a broad selection including student sets starting at: $29.95 as well as teacher sets for organic, inorganic, biochemistry & coordination chemistry.

Molecular model kits include glucose & fatty acids as well important inorganic structures such as ice, diamond, graphiteNaCl and much more.

Need a custom model no one else can provide? Find out how to build any organic or biomolecule in Description.

Build The Organic or Biochemical Models YOU Need.

Our Molymod chemistry molecular model parts are mapped to large chemical databases via our 3D Molecular Model Builder. It uses a versatile modelling program called JMol that displays an interactive image of nearly 50 million chemical structures. This unique tool will find the best set or parts for custom models. Ready to give it a try?

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Molymod Model Styles

Molymod Molecular Models come in 3 slightly different styles. If you're looking for a student set, you can use this tool to save lots of time determining which works best for you. Note that we can customize any standard set although minimum order quantities apply.

Our kits come in the "hybrid dome" style but you can make custom organic model stuctures in any of the styles. Go right to the 3D Molecular Model Builder now or pick some common molecules in Instructions below.

Hybrid Dome

Open Sphere

Closed Dome

Hybrid Dome

Open Sphere

Closed Dome

Student Sets: 62053; 62053SP

Teacher Set: 62050

Student Sets: 62009; 62009EX

Teacher Set: 62004

Student Sets: 62053*, 62053SP*

Teacher Set: 62007


Molymod Hyrid Dome:

  • Builds important organic structures & biomolecules.
  • Domed hydrogens use short 2mm bonds
  • 62053SP does biochemistry, VSEPR Molecular Hybridization
  • All Organic Model Kits are configured in this style


Molymod Open Sphere:

  • 62009EX has more parts than 62009, especially carbons
  • 62009 & EX come with 6 lone pair paddles


Molymod Closed Dome:

  • Style depicts spacefilling
  • 62053 & 62053SP can be used for this
  • All covalent bonds are 2mm
  • Double & triple bonds are implied by atom geometry

Quality Actually Costs Less

Molymod Molecular Models have over 10 types of atoms with more than 30 holes for bond attachment. There are 4 types of bonds & 3 types of orbitals with a combined 11 ends that have to fit the holes precisely. This can be achieved only with the highest quality plastics, molds & skilled machine operators. Good by design not by chance.

If you want your set to retain its resale value past graduation, buy Molymod molecular models from Indigo®. You get what you pay for.

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Introductory Chemistry Molecular Models for Remote Learning, outlines the features of our two most popular student sets.

Magnetic Molecular Models: Functional Groups, shows how magnets can make teaching & learning important functional groups fast & easy but this is mainly of interest to instructors.


Choose the Molecular Model Style You Prefer

These 3 lists of compounds (2 organic, 1 inorganic) are among the most frequently used to show chemical structure. Copy up to any 10 of these into the 3D Molecular Model Builder. Or, any 10 compounds you want such as pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, metabolic intermediates & so on.

Then follow the instructions on the Model Builder page. Type carefully though, the wrong syntax will cause an error. We suggest you put them in a text list first in case you have to make a correction.

Before you start, view the video below and/or see examples of the different Molymod model styles in the Technical section.


Organic Molecules 1-10
Acetic acid


Organic Molecules 11-20
Acetic acid


Top Inorganic Molecules 1-10
Perchloric acid
Sulphuric acid
Carbon monoxide
Carbon dioxide
Phosphoric acid
Sodium bicarbonate
Nitric acid
Hydrochloric acid
Hydrogen cyanide