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ammonia, water, methane, carbon dioxide as well as much larger organic compounds.


You can also examine a molecule's potential for resonance & structural isomerism. Twelve beige p orbitals (lone electron pairs) are included. Or, add optional two color p & pi orbitals as listed below in Related Products. (These p & pi orbitals come with our Ultimate Student Organic Chemistry Set 62053SP which has room for 40 more atoms!).

But, what if you don't need to build them all at once? Customize our organic/inorganic student molecular model set which has room for 12 more atoms. Just plug in the compounds you want to build into the free Indigo® 3D Molecular Model Builder. It recognizes nearly 50 million organic compounds but you can start with these examples.


Molecular Model Building

Set the 3D Molecular Model Builder to "Molymod Open Sphere", enter up to 10 of the millions of possible organic compounds & press "Build & Show Purchase Options" (be careful with syntax).

Open Sphere

The Indigo™ Instruments 3D Molecular Model Builder

Build custom organic or bio-molecules models
or choose the best student set for your needs.

Try it now, it's Free!



Complement any set or kit with Genuine Molymod Molecular Model Atoms and Bonds. Click here to view the entire line of student & instructor Molymod Molecular Model Sets from Indigo Instruments


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This product is amazing! It has helped me with my studies in Chemistry and received my order within a week of placing it! I love the variety of quality products you have on your website.
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