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Need an organic chemistry model set that will last a career not a year & can build millions of molecules? Don't settle for less than our ULTIMATE set for only $38.95.

Unleash the full power of the Molymod 62053sp Ultimate Organic Chemistry Student Molecular Model Set with our online organic molecular model generator. We estimate this set can build over 10 million of the 50 million organic compounds listed in the NIH database. 

Already teaching organic chemistry? The Organic Stereochemistry Model Set may be the better choice. It comes with 60 sp3 carbon atoms, 60 hydrogen atoms and much, much more.


Can't tell esters from ethers? Simply enter any one of millions of different organic or biological molecules & see how this set renders it & the atoms and bonds it uses. It will even list any extra parts that might be needed to build any of the almost 50 million known organic compounds.

The Indigo™ Instruments 3D Molecular Model Builder

Build custom organic or bio-molecules models
or choose the best student set for your needs.

Try it now, it's Free!

So, what does this mean for you? We can't guarantee you'll finish at the top of the class but if you are doing AP chemistry, this set will carry you through college. If you are a chemistry major, this set will carry you through to graduate school.

Biology/pre-med/pharmacology? Build sugars, amino-fatty-nucleic acids, drugs. Try some glucose isomers or fatty acids or even insect pheromones.

Plan to become a chemistry teacher? This set does VSEPR theory, molecular hybridization, small molecules and more.

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Every Molymod molecular model set sold by Indigo Instruments is fully compatible with older ones you might own. You can also replenish an old set or customize it with Genuine quality Molymod parts.

Reviews (4)

This kit was recommended for my Orgo 1 class. I've had it for 2 weeks and it's already tremendously useful

— Aaron
— Indigo:

Thanks for review. Best of luck with your chemistry classes.


This set has more variety of components and best value (atoms per dollar) than other Molymod sets examined. While being an owner of a single kit for years, I noticed that single or short bonds quickly run out when building molecules consisting of 40-50 atoms. At best, this set can build a 40-50 atom molecule in hybrid dome model and another molecule of the same size in a spacefilling model side-by-side before having to disassemble to build something else. To improve the usefulness of the set, I ended up purchasing a second identical set to allow me to build molecules up to 80-100 atoms in size. Examples inlcude the 3-unit Maltodextrin polysaccharide (C18H32O16) and Benzethonium chloride (C27H42ClNO2). With two sets, there are 40 sp3 carbon and 60 hydrogen atoms to almost rival any teacher's set at a fraction of the price. 5-hole (90/120 degree) carbon atoms can compensate for the 2-hole (180 deg.) or 3-hole (120 deg.) atoms found in other sets. There are way more halogen atoms than even seen in teachers' sets. These can be used to build the little caterpillar known as the Teflon polymer, (C2F4)n. I still don't have much use for the plenty lone electron paddles though...

— garrooo
— Indigo:

Thank you for thorough review. Unfortunately as you noted, no one set can do every combination.

Our 3D Molecular Model Builder can help limit unneeded parts. Choose the Molymod style you prefer; in your case Hybrid Dome. Enter up to 10 compounds, vertically & whether you want to build one or all. Click Build & Show Purchase Options to see sets & parts that will build your compounds such as maltodextrin and benzethonium chloride or even methylbenzethonium chloride.


This is a great set. Very sturdy. Bonds hold tight pretty nicely which makes it possible to study conformers without slipping up or down. The quantities are quite balanced so you have everything you need but I'd probably appreciate a few more single bonds and hydrogens in exchange of fewer carbons because you run out of single bonds and hydrogens much faster than carbons when building complex alkane chains and rings. I took a half star off from the rating because the box didn't come with any dividers unlike the picture on the listing so I had to build my own from cardboard to organize everything.

— Mustafa
— Indigo:

Thank you for review. The smaller student organic chemistry set 62053 comes in a small box with dividers as part of the box. The larger 62053sp set comes in a teacher set box. The teacher set box does not have dividers and is shown above.



As described and phenomenal shipping! It's actually too much set for me at the moment, but I knew that when I ordered it and would rather have too many pieces than not enough. I ordered at the end of March, expecting to wait for delivery through Canada Post, and I received my set the following day after ordering it! Much appreciated, thank you.

— Laura
— Indigo:

Glad we could help & it arrived so quickly. 

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