Glucose Molecule Chemical Structure

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Glucose, chemical formula C6H12O6 is the most important monosaccharide (sugar) in terms of metabolism. This kit includes enough parts to build 3 molecular models of glucose including various stereoisomers in either ring (hemiacetal) or chain (aldose) form. Alternatively you can make disaccharides such as maltose, sucrose or lactose or a trisaccharide such as raffinose.

Use our 3D Model Builder can help you compare different enantiomers such as glucose & galactose or alpha and beta versions of D or L glucose to understand chirality in carbohydrates.


Glucose is a simple sugar that is arguably the most important carbohydrate for multi-celled organisms on our planet. Its importance to cellular respiration cannot be overstated. It also forms the basic building block of disaccharides such as lactose and sucrose and complex glucose polymers (polysaccharides) such as glycogen, starch and cellulose and is involved in a wide variety chemical pathways and reactions.

You can also build similar models in the Orbit style with our 68799W Glucose Molecule Structure Models Kit.

Or, you can build any 6 carbon sugar ring with our AtoMag™ magnetic molecular model. Quickly change the position of any oxygen atom to show different structural isomers; magnetic hydrogens are optional. If you buy two, you can build any disaccharide.


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