3D Molecular Model Builder

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The 3D Molecular Model Builder display both structures and parts needed to build them in Molymod & Orbit style models. Both are mapped to over 50 million compounds (not all tested) in the NIH or NCI databases. Structures such as proteins & complex drugs may not work.

Our 3D Model Builder is generally accurate but not perfect. If mission critical, check other sources.

  • Syntax and proper naming is important. "Glucose" and "beta-glucose" build the same ring structure ("beta glucose" will generate an error) ; alpha-glucose another cyclic isomer, while aldohexose names e.g. D-Glucose display linear versions.
  • Enter up to 10 compounds, 1 per line. Correct syntax is important; the Model Builder will ignore any with typos.
  • Pressing “Build & Show Purchase Options” will return Purchase Option 0 which is just the parts needed for the compound. Purchase Option 1 is a student set & may include any needed extra parts.
  • More complex molecules create more Purchase Options which may vary greatly in price. Choose the best one for your needs. Contact us if you are unsure.
  • For recently discovered or other compounds that may not be in the NIH database, try changing to NCI database - but note some formatting could be lost in your molecule list and you may need to re-enter.
  • The Model Builder does not log the molecules or quantities; you may want to enter this in the "Comments" section on the order checkout page.
  • All Purchase Options only list unit prices. Discounts appear after you “Add Option to Cart”. The cart does not “know” the compounds you chose. If you want multiples, print a screen cap first & annotate. Then do the necessary math & repeat.
  • To rotate the 3D model, mouse over the image while pressing the left button as you do it. To resize the image, use your mouse's thumbwheel.

To rotate the 3D model, mouse over the image while pressing the left button. Resize using your mouse's thumbwheel.
Note: Only the first compound will be displayed as an image.
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