3D Molecular Model Builder

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The 3D Molecular Model Builder displays organic molecule structures and calculates parts lists for Molymod & Orbit style molecular models. It recognizes chemical names of nearly 50 million compounds. For recently discovered compounds that may not be in the NIH database, try IUPAC, InChI or CAS designations. (Note: Biomolecules with metal atoms such as hemoglobin may not work nor will proteins.).

While designed to be as accurate as possible, our 3D Model Builder is not perfect & cannot be held liable for any shortcomings.

  • Best viewed with Chrome, Firefox and Safari. IE 11 & later versions work; older ones don't.
  • Syntax and naming is important. "Glucose" and "beta-glucose" build the same ring structure; alpha-glucose another cyclic isomer and aldehydo-D-glucose an open chain ("beta glucose" will generate an error)
  • To rotate the 3D model, mouse over the image while pressing the left button as you do it. To resize the image, use your mouse's thumbwheel.
  • The Model Builder does not log the molecules or quantities; you may want to enter this in the "Comments" section on the order checkout page.

Note: Only the first compound will be displayed as an image.
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