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Permanent Magnets

Permanent magnets for science and engineering. Research grade neodymium and lead free painted bar magnets. Safe shop for quality and affordability.

Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets

Discs, rods, rings, blocks, squares & cubes. Every Nd magnet is safe shopping guaranteed N42 & comes with

What Customers Say About our Neodymium Magnets

[Actual reviews done on Google Places]

Roman Teliszczuk: Purchased neodymium magnets for work. The quality, price, packaging and delivery were excellent. I highly recommend Indigo Instruments.

Mark Elliott: Great website especially the dimensional and polarity information. Magnets arrived quickly and were as expected. Used to replace weak door alarm sensor magnets.

Ron Bennett: Fantastic support and product. Beats Amazon price with real customer service. After online order was placed, they called and and asked if I had any questions and gave clear instructions on pickup process. Order was ready and in stock and the product was of the highest quality and exactly as described. Will buy other items from Indigo instruments.

Ian Kelly: I've dealt with Indigo Instruments for years now. They have always been personable and very knowledgeable. Most recently I sent them a hand-drawn sketch of my interpretation of something I saw on YouTube and wanted recommendations on what magnets to use. Chris called me up, discussed the project and made some recommendations. His recommendation was bang on. I couldn't be happier with the end product.

Tracy Myerson: Super fast shipping, excellent prices, and great quality product! I purchased N42 Neodymium magnets, they are the real deal. I had previously bought magnets on Amazon that were advertised as N52, they were just another cheap Chinese fake. These folks sell authentic, high quality stuff and get it to you fast. Highly recommended!

Brenda McIntyre: love these guys, high quality, quick service and reasonable pricing!!

Peter Maran: Been doing business with Indigo for many years. Their Neodymium magnets are superb in quality and price. Other items, tools, magnifiers, tweezers, and so on, all quality made withstanding the test of time.

Ferrite bar magnets for education

Suitable for all grades and homeschooling. Designed for attraction/repulsion, magnetic field demonstration & paper clip pickup. Child safe with guaranteed lead free paint including chemical analysis

What Customers Say About our Ferrite Bar Magnets

Some reviews on the 120mm bar magnet page:

  • The product is good and I want to buy more.-Wendy
  • I ordered these magnets to use for "polarity-confirming" on unmarked small spot-magnets that I use for my hobbies and for our healthcare disk-magnets. They work perfectly in those applications and are totally suitable for our purposes. Thank You for the great product and the great deal, Indigo!-Cat Daddy

We even did some special testing on ours because we read some bad reviews on a competitor's product. Read our blog: Ferrite Bar Magnets, 3 Experiments at School/Home. Practise safe shopping! "Free" shipping is absolutely no guarantee of quality. We stand by ours!

Magnet Teaching & Testing Accessories

Genuine Cochranes of Oxford Magnaprobes. Both styles-super sensitive 0.3 gauss Mark I & Mark II teaching tool. We even include a picture so you can spot the fakes.

Fine iron filings with SDS. Buy stand alone or part of our magnetic field demo kit.

Ferrite Powders

Having problems with EMI/RFI that you just can't seem to fix? Try our fully compoundable, sintered, ferrite powders for your intractable interferenece problems.

More Information

Magnetic Assemblies-Custom Made

Indigo Instruments is partnered with a world class designer & manufacturer of custom machined magnet assemblies & magnetic filters.

Their extensive range of test equipment includes moisture analyzers, XRF, hardness, inductance and permeability testers.

Custom Magnet Assemblies

Indigo Instruments is partnered with a world class designer & manufacturer of magnets & assemblies. See: Custom Machined Magnet Assemblies & Magnetic Filters.

Test equipment includes moisture analyzers, hardness testers, inductance testers, XRF, permeability testers & much more.

Custom Machined Magnet Assembies

Wondering where to buy magnets?

All our neodymium or ferrite magnets are available on-line for immediate shipment from Buffalo, NY or Waterloo, ON. Buy just 1 or save on volume. Indigo brand magnets are unsurpassed and best in class.


Neodymium magnets have pull force & gauss ratings listed to aid in selection for use with your application.