Custom Machined Magnet Assemblies

Indigo Instruments is pleased to offer complete custom magnetic manufacturing and assembly. Whether you are designing a prototype or perfecting a design, if it involves a magnetic assembly or requires custom machined parts we are here to assist you.

Indigo Instruments has partnered with a World leader in precision machining, manufacturing and assembly of magnetic components. We offer full CNC machining services and custom assemblies.

Indigo Instruments is here to assist you in your process from initial design concept to prototype with technical support, drawing assistance, 3D modelling to full production manufacturing.

  • Materials from aluminum to stainless steel to Teflon, nylon & acrylics
  • Metal plating, powder coating & anodization
  • Magnet coatings include copper & nickel, epoxy, parylene
  • Full salt spray certification

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custom cnc machining neodymium magnet assemblies