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Buy Genuine UK made Magnaprobes for use with best in class Indigo ferrite bar magnets.

Magnet accessories for science experimentation, magnetic properties, quality control.

A Magnaprobe can show the true three-dimensional nature of a magnetic field better than either a plotting compass or iron filings. Use it for lab demonstrations or field work. A Magnaprobe consists of a small bar magnet held in place by a gimbal mount on a sturdy plastic support wand.

Use it to detect the magnetic field around a bar magnet. Compare the field strengths of different materials such as ferrite vs Alnico vs neodymium bar magnets. Investigate electromagnetic fields in & around coils, solenoids & straight core conductors.

Mark I magnaprobe uses ultra-low friction jewel mounts for exceptional sensitivity to static magnetic field strengths as low as 0.3 gauss (3 microtesla). Use it to detect very weak magnetic leaks or the effectiveness of magnetic shielding. Some people have used it to demonstrate terrestrial magnetism including magnetic inclination & declination. This requires significantly more sensitivity than any cell phone app.

The basic Mark II model is a must for high school physics or electronics classes who want to see the variation in magnetic field shape in the X-Y-Z planes. It is also a very handy tool for aligning magnets. The Magnaprobe's alnico bar magnet has N & S red-blue painted poles so you can use it to line up all your magnets so that their poles face the same way; a great Q/A timesaver. You can even use it to probe Eddy Currents as used in amusement park roller coaster & drop tower magnetic brakes.

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Magnetic Force Detector

Magnetic Force Detector

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Magnetic Pole Detector

Magnetic Pole Detector

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Magnetic Field Viewing Table

Magnetic Field Viewing Table

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SKU: 33476-2
$0.75USD Each
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Magnaprobe™ is a trademark of Cochranes of Oxford, UK. If you see a similar black, red or green handled version selling for <$10, it is a cheap knockoff from "you know where"-caveat emptor.


Magnaprobes use gimbal mounted bar magnets to find poles or detect magnetic flux. The Mark I is ideal for testing magnet shield effectiveness.