Magnaprobe Real or Fake?

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Looking for a handy magnetic omni-directional rotation polarity identifier to determine a magnet's north or south pole? A Magnaprobe™ is indispensable in science lab magnetic field experiments. Be sure you're buying a genuine UK made Cochranes of Oxford Magnaprobe™ Mark II.

If you're a school teacher with a limitless science budget, you can afford to buy a disposable fake. Not you? Unfortunately, you can't go on price alone. Most fakes are sold at half our price but we've even seen them listed at 3X the price.

We can't name names but world renowned US National Labs buy this tool from us to test the magnet fields around their particle accelerators & other equipment. Want the real thing? Find out how below.


One of the obvious differences is in the magnet mount. The handle/frame of the fake Magnaprobe typically weighs 15 % less (4.6 g vs 5.4 g) than the real thing. The pivots are poorly moulded (see above image) which makes the device less sensitive & inaccurate as well as less durable.

The fake Magnaprobe magnet bearings are not centered which can cause one end to sometimes catch on the plastic frame as it turns. This causes it to plot the magnetic field inaccurately - due to its being weighted more to one end.

The AlNiCo magnet in the fake Magnaprobe is shorter. The one we tested was 4mm less, 117 vs 121 mm and ~5% thinner, 3.0 vs 3.15 mm. The grade (quality) of the AlNiCo magnet is less according to tests. All these makes the fake Magnaprobe quite a bit less sensitive/responsive. A false economy all around.

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