Magnet Pole Indicator

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$9.95USD Each


The Mark II Magnaprobe is a simple but effective quality control tool for ensuring correct pole orientation when mounting magnet/sensor devices-only $9.95.



The basic Mark II Magnaprobe is a convenient way to ensure that all your magnets share the same alignment. It does not require batteries; it ALWAYS works. The Mark 2 Magnaprobe can be used to determine the magnetic orientation of any our Permanent Magnets.

Click on the video below to see the Mark II Magnaprobe in action as a magnetic pole indicator.

Note: Avoid contacting other magnets. If you do so by accident, detach the Magnaprobe by holding its magnet. Do not simply pull back with the handle as you will ruin the device.

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The Magnaprobe consists of a gimbel mounted alnico bar magnet. In the picture, the magnets in the foreground have been marked in black on their ends & attract the blue marked end of the Magnaprobe magnet. The rare earth magnets in the background are reversed.

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