Magnetic Pole Detector

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Buy a genuine made in UK Mark II Magnaprobe™ . Why buy a cheap copy with a smaller, weaker magnet & flimsy handle? This non-contact, analog device is ideal for physics labs to demonstrate the 3D nature of magnetic fields & Q/A applications where pole direction is important. 

The MkII Magnaprobe works better than a compass for demonstrating the three dimensional nature of magnetic fields around bar magnets used in physics labs. It has a dipole axis that aligns in parallel to a magnetic field. The MkII Magnaprobe is a non-contact magnetic pole indicator detector that can easily find hidden magnets or hidden metal objects such as nails.

Beware of companies using "Magnaprobe" to describe their product. They are actually cheap copies that easily fall apart. If it doesn't say "Magnaprobe" on the handle, it's a poor copy. If safe shopping is important to you, here's how to spot just one example of a fake Magnaprobe. Price & "free" shipping is no guarantee of quality. We stand behind the real thing!


The Magnaprobe is a fascinating way to demonstrate the three dimensional nature of magnetic fields. It consists of a small alnico bar magnet that is gimbal mounted so that it will freely rotate to map out x, y and z coordinates as you move it around a magnetic source.

Note: Avoid contacting other magnets. If you do so by accident, detach the Magnaprobe by holding its magnet. Do not simply pull back with the handle as you may ruin the device.

Another neat application is how we used a Mark II Magnaprobe to detect eddy currents in this blog: Eddy Current Copper Tube Drop Tower Brake Test.

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This is an authentic Cochranes of Oxford Mark II Magnaprobe™ made in the UK. Its handle is 3.25mm thick & is virtually indestructible. You get what you pay for!

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