Magnetic Force Detector

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The Mark I Magnaprobe is an ultrasensitive detector of magnetic fields for testing shielding effectiveness. Responds to levels as low as 0.3-0.7 Gauss; detects even the weakest magnets at 10mm & stronger ones beyond 100mm. Incredible value at only: $39.95

The original Cochranes of Oxford Magnaprobe; nothing matches its sensitivity.


The Magnaprobe Mark I is the more sensitive of the 2 magnaprobes & uses jewel mounts to support the alnico bar magnet that interacts with magnetic fields. It is so sensitive that it tilts in response to the earth's magnetic field & indicates magnetic north (northern hemisphere only).

The Mark I Magnaprobe is especially useful for locating very weak magnetic leakage to test the effectiveness of magnetic shielding or to investigate electromagnetism in coils using different current intensities.

The Mark 1 Magnaprobe is sensitive enough to will respond to even the weakest of our Permanent Magnets.

Note: Avoid contacting other magnets. If you do so by accident, detach the Magnaprobe by holding its magnet. Do not simply pull back with the handle as you will ruin the device.

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I have bought several of these over the years, originally from the British company that makes them, and more recently from this company. I have trouble keeping them because everyone seems to want one. They are indispensable for showing the angle of the magnetic field in three dimensions. It is like a 3 dimensional compass, and very sensitive too. It will even show the vertical angle of the Earth's magnetic field! If your business is magnets, you need one of these.
— Mark
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