Prialt (Ziconotide)

Create a 3D molecule structure model of conotoxin derived painkiller Prialt (Ziconotide) utilizing Authentic Molymod Components by Indigo Instruments

Ziconotide, trade name Prialt, is an analgesic drug derived from the conopeptide toxin of the cone snail Conus magus that targets voltage gated calcium channels. It is extremely potent, estimated to be 1000 times stronger than morphine. It cannot be administered orally or intravenously but must injected directly into spinal fluid. It is authorized as a drug of last resort for those with instractable pain who get no relief from drugs. See our Ziconotide (Prialt) Blog.

A molecular model of Prialt in the Molymod Hybrid Dome style uses the atoms & bonds in the parts list below. Our free 3D Molecular Model Builder shows other styles & allows for image rotation as an assembly guide.

Chemical data
Molecular Weight Chemical Formula
2639.1228 C102H172N36O32S7

Prialt (Ziconotide) molecular model built with Molymod Atoms & Bonds

Hybrid Dome
Open Sphere
Orbit Basic
Orbit Flexible
148979-96-8 , 148979-97-9 , 150770-63-1 , 107452-89-1 , DRG-0250 , Prialt , SNX 111 , SNX-111 , Ziconotide , Ziconotide [USAN] , omega-Conopeptide MVIIA (Conus) , omega-Conotoxin M VIIA , omega-Conotoxin M VIIA (reduced), cyclic (1-16),(8-20),(15-25)-tris(disulfide) , omega-Conotoxin mviia, conus magus