Org/Inorg Chemistry Class Set

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The class organic chemistry molecular model set has 200 sp3 carbons & 200 hydrogens. Build multiple models at once or just about any compound you can think of. See examples of functional groups as well as saccharides (sugars) & fatty acids that you can make with this set.

Use our free 3D Molecular Model Builder in Orbit "flexible" style to view millions of unique organic compounds as you would build them! Not just organic compounds but bioorganic such as amino acids, fatty acids, sugars & nucleobases

You can also build all the models needed for VSEPR Theory & Molecular Symmetry (Point Groups).

*Tray used in the image is NOT included.


Use our free 3D Molecular Model Builder in Orbit "flexible" style to view millions of unique organic compounds as you build them! It will even show you how to build amino acids, fatty acids, sugars & nucleobases.

Other structures you can build with this set include VSEPR theory & Point Groups.

68186-20Wobbly bond, 20mm, each250
68186-30Wobbly bond, 30mm, each250
68186-35Wobbly bond, 35mm, each40
68186-50Wobbly bond, 50mm, each20
68216CAtom, Orbit, H "a", white, 1 prong200
68217CAtom, Orbit, N "a", blue, 1 prong10
68218CAtom, Orbit, O "a", red, 1 prong20
68219CAtom, Orbit, F "a", light green, 1 prong12
68220CAtom, Orbit, S "a", yellow, 1 prong2
68221CAtom, Orbit, Cl "a", green, 1 prong12
68224CAtom, Orbit, H "b", 180 degree, white20
68225CAtom, Orbit, C "b", 180 degree, black2
68228CAtom, Orbit, S "c", 100 degree, yellow8
68230CAtom, Orbit, O "d", 110 degree, red30
68241CAtom, Orbit, C "j", planar: 120-120-120, black2
68242CAtom, Orbit, N "j", planar: 120-120-120, blue2
68244CAtom, Orbit, C "k", tetrahedral, black200
68245CAtom, Orbit, N "k", tetrahedral, blue20
68246CAtom, Orbit, O "k", tetrahedral, red20
68247CAtom, Orbit, P "k", tetrahedral, purple10
68248CAtom, Orbit, S "k", tetrahedral, yellow10
68251CAtom, Orbit, metal, tetrahedral, grey10
68253CAtom, Orbit, N "l", octahedral, blue2
68255CAtom, Orbit, S "l", octahedral, yellow2
68257CAtom, Orbit, Cl "l" octahedral, green15
68258CAtom, Orbit "l", octahedral, grey15
68259CAtom, Orbit, C "m", trigonal bipyramidal, black60
68260CAtom, Orbit, N "m", trigonal bipyramidal, blue10
68261CAtom, Orbit, O "m", trigonal bipyramidal, red10
68262CAtom, Orbit, P "m", trigonal bipyramidal, purple10
68416COrbital for showing lone electron pair, white, Orbit style10
68417COrbital for showing lone electron pair, black, Orbit style10
68533Orbit bonds, grey, 35mm, extra rigid, 15/bundle2
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