4 Prong Black Tetrahedral sp3 Atom

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The tetrahedral sp3 carbon atoms are used in every Orbit molecular model sets & kits involving organic molecules. You can buy these atoms separately to build millions of custom models using our 3D Molecular Model Builder. Set the "style" in Orbit basic or advanced to see it as depicted in model sets listed below.

The uniqueness of carbon comes from the fact that it can bond to itself in many different ways; in straight chains, branched chains and rings. It can also bond singly, doubly and triply to itself. The chemical basis of all living organisms is linked to the way that carbon bonds with itself and other atoms 1.

Carbon is such a versatile element that almost 10 million (known) different carbon compounds exist 2. We include 16 sp3 carbons in our economical Foundation/Basic Organic Chemistry Modelling Set & 24 in our Advanced Student Organic Chemistry Molecule Building Set.


You can use these Genuine Cochranes of Oxford Orbit Molecular Model Parts to replace missing pieces or augment any of the Orbit Molecular Model Sets & Molecular Model Kits supplied by Indigo Instruments. 


1) Carbon chemistry.

2) Organic compounds.

In Kits
68600GGGlow in the Dark Cellphone Stand Model Kit13
68620WCarbon Allotropes-5 Models, Indigo135
68766WSilicon Carbide Molecular Model, 144 atoms/240 bonds, Indigo72
68784WZeolite Y (Faujasite) Molecular Model, 244 atoms/434 bonds200
68787WDiamond Crystal Structure Model, 91 Atoms, 168 Bonds, Indigo91
68787WUCDiamond Lattice Model, Unit Cell w/ Red Atoms; 507 pcs.171
68794WZeolite Linde A/ZK4 Model, 192 atoms, 346 bonds, Indigo192
68795GGDNA Double Helix 12 Base Pair Glow in the Dark128
68795W-ATAT base pair, deoxyriboses N/I2
68795W-RPRibose or deoxy-ribose phosphates, 2 each10
68795WSIndigo DNA Model, 12 Base Pairs, Needs Assembly128
68796WIndigo Alpha Helix/Beta Pleated Sheet Molecular Model Kit20
68799WSugar Structures Molecular Model Kit, Indigo100
68810WIndigo 20 Essential Amino Acids Molecular Model Kit60
68811WIndigo Fatty Acid Structures Molecular Model Kit125
68812WIndigo Water Soluble Vitamins Kit (8 Models)38
68813WIndigo Fat Soluble Vitamins Kit (4 Models)72
68820WIndigo Basic VSEPR Theory Model Set1
68821WIndigo Point Group Molecular Model Set50
68823WIndigo Advanced VSEPR Theory Model Set, 15 Geometries3
68827WOrbit Organic Chemistry Advanced Molecular Model Set24
68845NVOrbit Foundation Basic Chemistry Model Set w/ Orbitals16
68847WOrbit Organic Chemistry Class Molecular Model Set200
68848WOrbit Class Crystal Lattices Molecular Model Set50
68849WOrbit Biochemistry Class Molecular Model Set200
68901GGLuciferin Molecule Structure Model Kit w/ GlowBonds™2
68902GGQuinine Drug Structure Model Kit w/ GlowBonds™20
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Excellent ORBIT atomic models !!! ( I have also the Ball and Stick MOLYMOD models and the Spacefilling CPK models but they are too LARGE and you can make only small molecules with them...) With the ORBIT molecules you can make LARGE molecules with a lot of pieces!!!...
— SPYROU Kosta - Greece
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