Diamond Crystal Lattice Structure Model

SKU: 68787W

$27.95USD Each


This diamond crystal structure model kit will build a cubic crystal molecular structure over 250mm (10") tall; only $27.95. Compare this style to our other diamond crystal structure model kits.

This kit can also be used to build Lonsdaleite, another form of carbon similar in structure to wurtzite and these carbon allotropes. Or, compare diamond to graphite where the longer interlayer bonds depict how the layers slide against each other indicating a much weaker structure.

The crystallographic unit cell is clearly visible in this model of the FCC lattice structure of diamond. Or, view the diamond lattice as a closed packed structure or compare to zinc blende.


You can assemble the model as a three layer rectangle to mimic a "bed of nails". The real thing can support a human without breaking ones skin. This structure, while on a smaller scale, would surprise you with its strength.

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