Zeolite Y Catalyst Structure Model

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This molecular model of Zeolite Y illustrates the faujasite cage structure, a three-dimensional aluminium silicate crystal structures with unique porous properties. Its pores & channels are arranged such that positively charged ions can enter & exchange with metal ions. Zeolites, acting as molecular sieves, have many important uses as catalysts, desiccants, water softeners & air purifiers. Zeolite Y in particular has a high surface area, relatively large pores, (~7.4Å) as well as structural stability & hydrophobicity that make it useful as a catalyst in the petroleum industry. In particular, it assists in converting high-boiling fractions of crude oil to gasoline, diesel and other higher value petroleum products

Note: The base is not included. Also, there are no written instructions. You will need to build it using this image or the video of the 3D version to guide you. This is not recommended for beginners.


This structure can be difficult to build and is not recommended for beginners. All of the static images we found on line do not give an accurate perspective of the structure. We will be adding more images that should address this. You can explore a more chemically accurate rendering of Zeolite A that incorporates oxygen in the framework. Interested in some more information on Zeolite? Take a look at our blog post: Zeolite Catalyst Molecular Models Teach Oil Cracking

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Visually, this molecular structure of Zeolite Y is beautiful! It received a lot of attention from everyone who passed by it! For the assembly, there is no instruction that comes with the kit and the picture online is the only guide. However, the structure can be made by making 10 sodalite cages and connecting them with bonds via the hexagonal faces (it is helpful to look at the picture while connecting them). Wearing gloves can help provide a better grip while connecting the bonds to the atoms. Overall a good product!

— ChemPeeps
— Indigo:

Thanks for the feedback. Trying to describe the assembly was next to impossible so we'll get a picture done of the sodalite cage & add that shortly. Here's a bit more on this model also used for teaching: Zeolite Catalyst Molecular Models Teach Oil Cracking

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