Linde Type A Zeolite Molecular Sieve

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Zeolite Linde A was the first synthetic zeolite to be used commercially. You can clearly see both the alpha & beta cages which makes this model a great teaching tool; only $63.95.

If you prefer a more "chemically correct" version of this structure, the Minit Zeolite A lattice model includes a special 141 degree oxygen atom to create a more accurate cage structure.

Or, have a bit of fun with this model. Instead of the standard bonds, try using our 30mm GlowBonds (or even the 35 or 50mm) & build a "Borg Cube"-hard core Star Trek Next Generation fans only!


Linde Type A was invented in 1953 by Union Carbide (Linde Air Products was a division of Union Carbide) LTA was originally used as a molecular sieve for the removal of dioxygen impurities from gas streams. The material is still in use industrially today. In the laboratory 5Å, 4Å, and 3Å sieves are used for the removal of organic solvents.

Zeolites are important in a variety of applications including water softening & catalysis. Read more in our blog: Zeolite Catalyst Molecular Models Teach Oil Cracking


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