Guanine Cytosine DNA Base Pair

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This molecular model kit of a guanine-thymine DNA base pair can be used for class demonstration or makes an interesting science art gift. This model is NOT compatible with the 17 or 36 base pair DNA Models.

There are no assembly instructions for this model kit but the image should be an adequate quide. This model kit does not include parts for the ribose phosphate back bone.

This kit uses the same parts as found in our Ultimate Student Organic Chemistry Model Set, 62053SP. This includes 4 hole oxygen (red) and nitrogen (blue) atoms. Not all the holes will be filled and these represent unbonded electron pairs. In addition, the 2 bonds at each end of the structures are not included & are there only to show where the sugar phosphate groups would attach.

  • Working on Biochemistry of Aging?  Additional parts available to show Methylation of DNA Cystosine Nucleoside. Parts needed can be purchased below
  • Studies in Aging & one of our very low cost DNA models could be an interesting science fair project
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