Cyclohexane Chair Conformation Structure

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The Indigo®  AtoMag™ Cyclohexane Chair Boat conformation magnetic molecular model is the only one with haptic perception feedback. When in the chair conformation you can actually feel the resistance to change from the lowest, stablest energy state. Flip it to the boat conformation & there is virtually no resistance, just as you would expect from the high energy, unstable structure.

Or, use it for IUPAC naming exercises.  At only $18.95, this magnetic models kit will pay for itself in just one lecture/tutorial session. These atoms might be smaller but they will outperform Snatoms in every way.

A short video of just the cyclohexane model can be found under the Details Tab below.


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Our blog: Magnetic Molecular Models: Alkanes & Functional Groups 101 has links to 2 longer videos, alkanes & functional groups, that show the models in action.

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