Big Bang Theory DNA Model-Partially Assembled

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This Indigo® 36 base pair DNA Model is shipped partially assembled for cheaper shipping outside North America. It includes 36 base pairs mounted on support layers, layer separators & a support base. You must buy the following locally:

North America
2 x 3', 1/2" diameter threaded rods+coupler=6 foot tall support rod.
4 nuts & 4 washers.

Outside North America
2 x 1m, 12mm or 12.5mm diameter threaded rods+coupler=2 metre support rod.
4 nuts & 4 washers.

Upon delivery, a mutually convenient time for a Skype or Zoom video chat session will aid you in final assembly. Assembly is straightforward & should not take more than 60-75 minutes.

The model is partially assembled because some atom-atom connections are strained & must be glued. A fully assembled model is bulky & expensive to ship outside of North America. This version costs less because you supply some of the hardware.

The assembled model will be identical to the fully assembled 36 base pair DNA model.


This fast paced video shows how easy final assembly of the 36 base pair DNA model is.
Video courtesy of Emma Pype and Stijn De Graeve, Erasmus University College Brussels.


  • Ideal display: museum, lobby, classroom
  • 35 turns; 36 base pairs, ~50:50 AT:GC
  • "B" form of double helix
  • Major/minor groove 1.9:1 ratio; actual is 1.83:1
  • Highly visual AT-GC base pairing
  • Assembled on black composite base (not as shown)
  • ~2m (6 ft.) tall, 300mm diameter
  • Real weight of kit is ~20 kg (44lbs); dimensional rate is ~30kg (66 lbs)
  • two 1 metre/3 foot threaded steel rods are NOT included
  • rod to rod coupler to make 2 metre/6 foot support rod is NOT included
  • 4 nuts & 4 washers that secure the rod to the base & top are NOT included
  • Zoom or Skype Video Chat final assembly tutorial, INCLUDED
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