Biochemistry Molecular Model Teacher Set

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This 500 piece biochemistry molecular model instructor set can build important bio-molecules including amino acids, sugars, DNA bases & fatty acids for only $109.95.

If you need to build just one or two different bioorganic compounds, try our 62053 organic chemistry student model set or the larger version, our Ultimate Student Organic Chemistry Molecular Model Set.This model set & the 2 student sets mentioned above build molecules as "hybrid dome".

Or, use our free 3D Molecular Model Builder will list just the parts you need in any of the various styles.


The teacher's biochemistry model set contains sufficient parts to build all the basic structures important in the study of molecular biology in a (semi) space filling format. Categories of models include glycerides and phospholipids, nucleosides, nucleotides and coenzymes, amino acids, alpha helix, nucleic acids, polypeptides and polysaccharides.

Note: Some of the molecules shown in the image are alpha helix, glucose, cholesterol, ATP; all in (semi) space filling style. You will need 20mm/35mm bonds to build hybrid/open versions. Extended models can be built with additional atoms and bonds from our Molymod molecular model components section.


The Indigo Instruments teacher's biochemistry set 62007 (Molymod MMS007) can build saccharides including glucose, sucrose, lactose, starch & cellulose as well as common amino acids such as lysine, valine, aspartic acid, and tryptophan.

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Shipped the same day, exactly as ordered. Better price than Amazon, better item description (the MolyMod sets are complicated due to different bond types), and much more certainty that I was going to actually get what I ordered.

— Terry
— Indigo:

Thanks for the feedback. We don't pad our prices just so we can offer "free" shipping. This way, our discounts on volume really stand out-on every product!

Also, please use our 3D Molecular Model Builder to show you how to build almost any biomolecules & what parts are needed. Just choose "closed dome" as the style.


Exactly as ordered - high quality, nice design. Useful for explaining basic bonding, structures, etc.

— Indigo:

Thanks for the feedback. You can also let our 3D Molecular Model Builder help construct amino acids, fatty acids, sugars & nucleotides.


This set has everything I need to build large molecules. Plus it is compatible with my old Allyn and Bacon model sets. The Indigo 62007 set contains Carbon (black) balls with two and three holes which simplifies modelling molecules which include Carbon double bonds. Hydrogen atoms are represented by hemispheric units which saves space on large molecules. I am very happy with the set and may order another next year.

— Andrew
— Indigo:

Thanks for the feedback. You can also let our 3D Molecular Model Builder help construct amino acids, fatty acids, sugars & nucleotides.

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